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Florida is under seige this week. The Sunshine State has made world news for the past couple days due to the fact we have our 200 wildfires burning right now. Last week, my town was covered with a layer of smoke. Headache causing, nausea inducing smoke. We're on a ration as to how often we can water lawns and wash cars because we're in such a drought.

No, this doesn't have anything to do with writing, but it certainly affects writers. I've been doing lots of writing this week in front of the TV and staying tuned to the news. With subtropical storm Andrea churning a few hours away it seems like it's going to be a busy hurricane season, too.

Now, I'm wishing for snow. :) Does weather affect your writing? Do you write better in a particular weather pattern?


Ella Enchanted said…
There are these very rare late evenings, when it begins to rain, where I feel wholy inspired regardless of what I'm doing, so I must start writing whether I have something up my sleeve or not. I love, love, love to write when it's raining. :)
I much prefer sunshine outside my window, at least to start. Once I get into it, it doesn't really matter.

Hope the smoke disappears and you make it safely through hurricane season!
Kelly Parra said…
Wow, Jessica, be safe with those wild fires. Yes, the weather effects my writing. I usually write the current weather into the book when I'm beginning the story. :) :)
ERiCA said…
Yuk, Tampa was so bad for a few days that I couldn't breathe. I had to go outside repeatedly for various errands/meetings and it was awful. So glad to have our mostly-clean air back now!!

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