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New Canterwood Crest YouTube video

What happened to August?

I can't believe it's almost September! August is going by sooo fast--aahh!

Things are in the quiet slash insanely busy stage, know what I mean? I'm waiting on copyedits for Initiation, am outlining Popular and am expecting to be able to announce some superexciting news very soon!

K is not feeling well. Actually, feeling the worst she ever has. We're getting ready to head back to Mayo in mid-September. I'll also be signing while we're there--on Sunday, September 18th at the Apache Mall B&N in Rochester, MN. Definitely come by and say hi. :)



So, the Canterwood cover photo shoot was last Monday! I got pics via text and I think these new covers are going to be AWESOME! I'm so excited to see them.
A few days ago, I finished INITIATION and am waiting for copy edits. Yay for another book down! I'm really in writing mode and want to start POPULAR this weekend. POPULAR is going to be crazy! :)
When does everyone go back to school?

Team Eric or Team Jacob?

You KNOW you have your fave Canterwood boy! Are you on Team Eric or Team Jacob? These hot new tees are available now! :)

Awesome graphics by Hannah F!

I heart these so hard core! Thank you, Hannah F for sending these! The lip-gloss one, especially, made me grin. :)

Many hearts!