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Book 2 goal

Since I don't have an official deadline on book 2, I decided to make one for myself. I want to write at least 5 pages a day for 5-6 days a week. Hopefully, with a target in mind of 200 pages, that's a decent goal. I like to give myself deadlines and I think that keeps things moving.

Five pages seems to be a reasonable goal. Nothing too outrageous, but it's still enough of a push that it should accumulate rather fast. I'm starting that goal today because I didn't type enough yesterday. Before I knew it, it was 8pm and time for American Idol! Yep, I got sucked in this year. I haven't watched the show since Kelly Clarkson won and then I started watching the hilarious auditions at the beginning of the season and have continued to watch. Jordin all the way! :)

What goals do you set for yourself, if any? Or do you write in mad spurts, never sure what will come out?

Tomorrow's topic: controversy over YA book banning and the uproar over Maureen Johnson's The Bermudez Triangle.


ERiCA said…
My usual goal is one scene per workday, but I fell off the wagon 2 weeks ago (thanks to making long-distance wedding plans, among other insanity) and have been writing more like 1 scene per week instead of per day. Unacceptable! You have inspired me to get myself together and get back on track. =)
I know you can do it, Erica. I blogged about my goals because I'm trying to force myself to keep them and not be embarrassed by not making them. :) And lucky you! You get to see Diana soon!
Kelly Parra said…
I write in mad spurts. haha. I can't set goals for myself, I always break them. I just focus on the deadline and meet it. :) :) Good luck!
Mad spurts are usually the most fun, Kelly! :)
~Em~ said…
I attempt to set goals, but it doesn't go as planned. I plan to write five thousand before I have to clean up and go to a party tonight - the party is at 8, meaning I have to leave here at 730, and I have to get cleaned up by then which means I have approximately five hours.

And here I am, commenting on your blog instead of writing. Shame on me.
Anonymous said…
I do set goals for myself, usually as a daily to-do list, but if something else comes up that I want to write I don't hold myself to the goals. Especially if I'm not having an easy time with them.
But I have to give myself goals to get things accomplished. I love having goals, they definitely keep me focussed!

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