Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Back to square one

Today's project: outlining my second YA novel. I have 6 stacks of colored sticky notes, at least a hundred index cards and a bulletin board begging to be used. For my first YA that I wrote last November, I lightly plotted the story but this time around I want to be clear of plot holes and I don't want to forget the name of my character's parents half way through the manuscript. Character sheets will definitely come in handy!

Do you throw away all of your old plotting material once you've actually written the novel? I saved all of my used index cards and such from my first YA simply to remind myself how much the story changed.

When I get my board started, I'll post a picture of how it's coming along.

In the mean time, here's a pic of my "loot" from my beach trip last weekend! :) The shells on the table are from my most recent trip and the shells in the basket are from a trip last year. And yes, all shells were empty when I picked them up.

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Writing Angel said...

Ooh pretty! I can see a nice mosaic growing out of the shells from this year.

I used SuperNoteCard to outline my last novel so I've kept all the 'cards'. It is interesting to see how much the story changes as you write it.

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