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Getting ready for CITY SECRETS! :)

Hi, guys!

Wow, just *37* (July 6) days until CITY SECRETS (#9) comes out! Yaaay! :) :) Since the books usually ship early, I bet a lot of you will be letting me know that you've got an early copy in your hands. I can't wait for you all to read it.

I'm busy writing in Canterwood land and wanted to let you know that your support and love for Team Canterwood has NOT gone unnoticed or unappreciated. So . . . I did something a little special for you all in CITY SECRETS. You'll find it in the first few pages of the book, so look for it there. <3

Happy long weekend! Go have fun!


Just. Relieved.

A few more hurdles to go, but finally an answer today.

I feel like running around the Slope and hugging strangers.

Happy Saturday!

Happy weekend, Team Canterwood!

So sorry the blog has been quiet! My BFF has been in the hospital and feeling pretty awful, so it has been girl-time. We've been watching THE RICHES (adult content, please note), LAGUNA BEACH, GLEE, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, THE HILLS and a bunch of other fun stuff on DVD.

I just sorted through 600+ emails from you all and THANK YOU. I will respond as I'm able to and please know I read and appreciate every email. I love hearing from you! :)

The winner of the giveaway from Amanda Marrone is JOANNAH. I emailed you, girl, so look for that. :)

Off to work for a while. Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!



So sorry to the reader girlies for being MIA lately on the blog. But a serious scare came up with The BFF and she's going to be completely fine, but it was very, very scary. I'm taking the day off and today to clean my apt and regroup.

I haven't been in a hospital since my back surgery and I was such a wuss then that I'd faint or throw up at the mere sighting of a needle or blood. K made a point to shield me from that, but I was running on adrenaline. Even with all of my baggage about hospitals, doctors and surgery--I would have swapped places with her in a second. And I can't say that about anyone else. But this girl is a trooper. She was in indescribable pain and she pushed through it like R and I knew she would--no doubt. I wanted to strange a few of the ER staff, but she got great care on her floor.

Plus, we had a very sweet and uplifting surprise from friend PG Kain who brought the flower that defines KA. It has a prickly stem and pretty pink petals on the top. …

New Canterwood Crest vlog!

Hope you all enjoy the out takes from the Canterwood Crest shoot! :) It's fun to see the models being candid and cool--just like they are when they're not working.

And so I finally got . . .

Yep, I finally got it!! :)

My tattoo (still a little swollen) with Kate's

Ever since Kate got her tattoo about sixish months ago, I've been like, "I want one!" And we've had six months of conversation that goes something like this.

Me: I really want a tattoo.
K: You should get one!
Me: *feeling faint* Never mind! Don't want to talk about it!

A month later:

Me: I really want a tattoo.
K: I know. Let's talk about what it could be.
Me: *freaks at the thought of a needle* Ummm, later!

Sometime later:

Me: Okay, okay. Ideas?
K: What do you think of_______? (See above)
Me: OMG, and the font should be___________. (Above again)
Me: That's enough! Done! Don't want to talk about it!

And Kate put up with six months of 30 second or less conversations about my getting or not getting a tattoo. A couple of weeks ago, I was finally (with some serious convincing) able to look at fonts online and picked what I think is a gorgeous and lovely font. Then, I was like, la, la, la--I&#…


I'm lucky to read a lot of ARCS (advanced reader copies) from Simon & Schuster. One of my new faves is the first in a series by Amanda Marrone and edited by Editor K. It's called THE MAGIC REPAIR SHOP: THE MULTIPLYING MENACE.

I read it and loooved it. So, I think you guys might, too! It doesn't come out until August 24, so yay for an early copy!

Since we had serious problems with comments last time, I'll have to screen them all. So your comment will *not* be posted until I've reviewed it and then I'll let it go through. Just comment once, like usual, and when I can, I'll read it and post it. If you'd like to be entered to win an early copy of the book, just leave a comment. :)

It's a really, really fun book and I love it!

You have until Monday, May 10th at midnight to enter. I'll post the winner that week and you'll have your book soon after. :) Be sure to check back to see if you've won so I can give you info about how to contact me. If…

Congratulations, Kate!

(Note: this is NOT a real gun--it's a stunt gun used for a Nancy Drew cover shoot. Also, please note her signature Diet Coke in the background...)

This lovely editor, aka Kate Angelella, was promoted to Associate Editor at Simon & Schuster's Aladdin. In addition to being my editor, Kate also edits the sparkly Lauren Barnholdt and the amazing Kekla Magoon among other awesome authors. I'm superproud and thrilled that Kate was promoted. She's an amazing editor AND writer who has both a commercial and literary eye. That's hard to find--no doubt.

Congratulations, Kate! We're all so, so proud! :)

Oklahoma City conference update

It's day three (well, two and a half) in Oklahoma City. Kate's taking pitches so I hijacked her Mac (this is saying something cuz I'm a PC girl and it usually takes prodding to get me to use her computer.) But! We did our editor/author panel yesterday and I think it went well. :) I had a speech early this morning and Kate's is this afternoon. Don't know yet what the rest of our schedule is, but we've barely seen the inside of our very nice room. (Thanks, Embassy Suites!)
Our flight leaves...hmmm...don't know when tomorrow and I've got to run down to the biz center and print our boarding passes. I love that I got pulled aside at LaGuardia (I was scaaared!) and had my suitcase searched. The item that set off the detectors? A book in my suitcase. Yes, really. TSA...*shakes head*
But we've met a lot of lovely people and it's been sooo warm and nice here. Everyone's superfriendly and the conference has been a blast.