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Today, it's all about, for lack of a better phrase, book pimping. :) Recently, I've read (and heard about) some stellar YA novels and I wanted to point them out and see if anyone else had suggestions.

I just finished Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for the second time and this time, as a writer, I paid much more attention. It's amazing that for 870 some pages, Rowling keeps the plot moving and weaves effortlessly through several stories all without allowing the story to drag. That's worth notice for sure. I read it in 3 days, so that says something about keeping a person hooked!

Now, I'm reading That Girl by Sarah Dessen. It's my second Dessen as I read Just Listen a few months ago. I love her realistic voice and it's the kind of writing I'd love to emulate.

I tried to stick to my "one YA and then one adult book" plan, but that hasn't worked so far.

If you're looking for good summer reads, check out Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress and Graffiti Girl. Both are new books and definitely deserve a look. :) Diana Peterfreund's Under the Rose is due out in June and that's on my must read list.

That concludes the book talk for this week. :)

Any books that you're looking forward to reading?


Tori said…
I loved Just Listen! It's my favourite Sarah Dessen book, besides Truth About Forever. I think it's mainly because I thought that Wes and Owen were awesome. (And I love listening to music, almost as much as Owen).

As for what I'm looking forward to reading, I'm loving Pride and Prejudice right now; I can't wait to read HP 7 (which goes without saying); I'm rereading the entire HP series in preparation; and I have a monolith home from the library that was written by Allan Gotlieb, the Canadian ambassador to the United States during the 80s.

ERiCA said…
Thanks for the great tips! I've read HP and UTR, both of which were great. I love the cover for Top 10 and keep meaning to buy it. I will check out Graffiti Girl, too! =)
Kelly Parra said…
Hey Jessica! Thanks for mentioning GG and Prom Dress! You're the best!!

Wait a minute...I am a big Sarah Dessen fan, what's That Girl? Oh, I think you mean That Summer. yikes! I was ready to run to the book store. haha! She's one of my fave YA authors. :) :)

I can't wait for her next one!
Tempest Knight said…
I admit I can't wait to read the final installment of Harry Potter. *wg*
Tori- I thought about rereading the entire HP series, but I started at book 5 instead. :) I'm going to CRY when I finish HP 7!

Erica- Yes, definitely check those out! :)

Kelly- You're absolutely right. It's That Summer and I have no idea why I said That Girl. Losing my marbles, obviously! :)

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