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New Canterwood book on Amazon! :)

Check out this link!

I just found the Canterwood Super Special out May 2011 (whoa!) up on Amazon. It's the first stand-alone book in the series--sooo exciting! The title will be coming soon!

Back to writing . . .

Second summer reading rec: NANCY DREW: SECRET SABOTAGE

It's time for the second summer recommended read!

You HAVE to read NANCY DREW: SECRET SABOTAGE by Carolyn Keene. The book was written by the very famous Editor K, so you *know* it's good!

It's the first in a brand new three book arc and it's super, super exciting to have a book written by the BFF on shelves now. Since you've been sending me books to sign, if you'd like to send this book for Editor K to autograph, send your book the way you've been sending Canterwood books. Directions are here:

Snail mail:
Jessica Burkhart
C/O Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
*Include a SASE if you want a reply! :)

Want me or Editor K to sign your book?

Carefully follow these instructions:

* Put the book and an envelope (unsealed! And do make sure this envelope is big enough to hold the book) with six stamps on it into another envelope with seven stamps on it.

* Address the envelope with seven stamps to me at the snail mail address above.

* Make sur…

Favor, Team Canterwood?

When you sparkly readers finish CITY SECRETS (or any of the books) could you post a review on, Barnes & Noble, Books a Million, or any other place where you purchased the book? It'll help keep Canterwood going and add more people to Team Canterwood. In return . . . I'll do a work on a fun teaser for ELITE AMBITION next month. :)

You all are amazing and happy weekend! xoxo

Recommended read: DEAR ANJALI

I've been getting lots of e-mails from Team Canterwood asking "What else should I read this summer?" So . . . I started thinking about doing a few blog posts with recommended reads. I picked a very special book for this month. (And it's *not* because the cover is pink!) ;)

I totally heart DEAR ANJALI by Melissa Glenn Haber. It's a beautiful, sad, funny story about a 12-year-old girl who loses something that could be many of your (including mine) worst nightmares--Meredith's best friend, Anjali, dies.

For more about the author, check out her Website here. This is a read you don't want to miss.

Go, Team Canterwood! :)

Hi, Team Canterwood!

Just a quick note to say "hi!" and that I'm *insanely* busy working on the new Canterwood book! I'm so, so thankful for all of the notes about CITY SECRETS and it means so much that you all are excited about SCANDALS, RUMORS, LIES which come out in September! Woo! The twists, guaranteed by Editor K, are insane and I think it might be the most . . . well, memorable Canterwood book yet.

Happy summer to everyone and more later!


Thank you, Team Canterwood Facebookers!

You guys are amazing! I LOVE the reader created profiles for Sasha and her friends. One that Editor K and I especially adored is "Charm Silver's" profile. We can't stop talking about how Sasha's horse has his own profile on Facebook. It's amazing and I'm so, so grateful to you all. I *really* appreciate your support for not only CITY SECRETS, but the entire series.

Team Canterwood rocks! :)


Happy official release day, City Secrets!

Yaaay! Canterwood Crest #9 (CITY SECRETS) is out! I've been getting reports from my fab readers on Team Canterwood that some have already swiped copies and others are stalking their fave bookstores to snag a copy. *You* guys rock!

If you need ideas of where to grab a copy, here are direct links:

Barnes & Noble



Books a Million


Thank you ALL for being an amazing part of Canterwood and hearts to you guys! ?You've been an amazing support by reviewing the books, telling your friends and letting me know what you think. Yaaaay Team Canterwood! <3 xoxo

I Heart Team Canterwood!

Hi, guys!

Huge, major hearts to you all for letting me know that some of you have found CITY SECRETS early in stores, got it online or are waiting for your copy to arrive. I'm thrilled that you're excited. Yaaaay! :)

Also, there have been some superfans creating profiles for Sasha, Paige, Heather, etc., on Facebook. Just know that these are readergirly created profiles and *sniff* neither the characters or Canterwood Crest Academy is a real school. The profiles are not those of the models of the characters either. But I friended all of them on FB and it's fun to have more things to enjoy in the Canterwood world.

Happy Monday! xoxo