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Meg Cabot and diaries

I used yesterday as a day of mourning for Miss Snark. :)

Actually, I've been hard at work on my second young adult novel and am about 55 pages into the first draft. I'm a little behind where I'd like to be, but it's a decent start.

My dad brought home an Indiana newspaper yesterday from a trip he took and the paper had an interview with Meg Cabot. She wrote that she based all of her books on experiences that happened to her. She saved all of her childhood diaries and got ideas from rereading those. She told an interesting story about how she was once accused of spray painting a wall at school and she used that idea in one of her books. It was a very interesting interview and I had never heard those things about her before.

Question: Did anyone keep diaries/journals as a kid and if so, do you still have them?

My answer: Yes and yes! I have all of them and when I go back and look at issues that were so 'big' to me as a kid, I shake my head. Ah, youth. :)


Kelly Parra said…
Hey Jessica, I didn't keep all my journals but I might have one lying around. Unfortunately I have a long memory of all my crazy issues as a kid. haha!

Hey, I didn't know you had an agent! Wow! Good for you!!
Hey Kelly! :) Yep, I signed with my lovely agent in early Feb.
Writing Angel said…
On the diary thing.. me too and me too!! :)
Tori said…
I kept journals, and yes, I still have them. :) They're packed away right now, but I sneak a peek every once in a while. Sometimes the monotony of what my younger self wrote gets to me, but there are definitely some interestings tidbits! :)

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