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Birthday weekend

I had a FAB, fun and awesome Hello Kitty birthday weekend! First, thank you to everyone on Team Canterwood for my gorgeous Power Point and all of the sweet birthday comments. You guys are the best! <3

Kate made Ross and me run "errands" so she could stay home and decorate. I walked into Hello Kitty Land!(I'm fighting to leave the decos up forever, btw . . .)

It was a relaxing, fun weekend with TV, movies, dessert and pizza.

Plus, and not like I'm obsessed with the PINK line or anything, but K matched up THE perf outfit--(see the above!)

It was a wonderful 24th! :)

Happy Monday, all!


So, it appears I'm 24

A few weeks ago, I joked to Kate that I was having a mid-life crisis. She got a look of utter disgust on her face, looked through the books on her shelves and pulled out one out. "I think you meant quarter-life," she said and tossed the above book at me.

I'm not really having a mid or quarter-life crisis (at least, I don't think I am!) but today is my 24th birthday. So it's almost quarter-life.

Twenty-four doesn't feel different than twenty-three. Actually, lots of 24-year old me things are the same as 23-year old me. Like:

I'm still immature in a lot of ways.

I still love Disney movies.

I wish I had time to reread Harry Potter and Twilight.

I'm obsessed with RPattz.

I love glitter.

I will buy anything that sparkles.

I love my BFF.

I cry when people I love are hurting.

Snow makes everything feel better.

I gained friends.

I lost friends.

Something happened that I'd been wishing for for almost two years.

Most of my paychecks go to my Victoria's Secret credit c…

Cross post from Violet & Ruby

Kate wrote this post and I wanted to share it with all of you! Find the original post here. :)


So, this website is the first visible evidence of me and my best friend going into business together. It’s like a childhood dream, owning a company with your BFF. But as you grow up, it seems like a really, really bad idea. You think about the fights you might get in—over money, who gets to make all the decisions, who is better at doing whatever and who is jealous and why. You worry someone might get hurt and, ultimately, you worry that you’ll ruin your friendship.

But you know what? I've never had that worry about Violet & Ruby. And there are two reasons why.
One: I never knew the true meaning of “best friend” until I met mine a few years ago. Sure, I’d had friends I’d worn friendship bracelets with, or made BFF friendship notebooks with—notebooks that declared “best friends forever!” But this girl, she means so much more to me than a bracelet or…

Happy book birthday, TAKE THE REINS!

Wow. It's crazy to think that two years ago on January 27, TAKE THE REINS was released into the world. I was a total newbie author with a four-book deal and had no idea if I was doing anything right. The only thing I knew for sure: I had a book that I loved and was passionate about.

I have to first thank Molly McGuire for acquiring the series. Then, all thanks, praise and hearts go to Kate Angelella for turning a four book series into twenty books including a super special. It's rare to find an editor who turns books such as THE ROCK AND THE RIVER into an award winner and a commercial series like Canterwood into a long-running series. I am incredibly grateful to Kate for the countless hours she has put into my books. But she wasn't just focused on Canterwood or award winners. She stayed at the office till 11 many nights (I was there!) and worked all weekend on her projects. I'm friends with several of her authors (hello, Lauren Barnholdt!) and wish they could have seen…

Lovely Team Canterwood-made video tribute to Sasha & Co.

A beautiful video made by NoCureForHorses9. Go subscribe to her YouTube Channel! Thank you so much, NoCure, for making this gorgeous video! Many <3sss!

oh, tax joy

Not, lol. 8+ hours later over 2 days, I'm getting close to finishing taxes. Yay!

That's the biz side of writing--the numbers and figures. I can't do math to save my life. I failed math in 6th and 7th grade. Not even a tutor or my friends could save me. :)

But I'm almost done and then . . . I'm outlining INITIATION and working onDOMINATE with Kate. Soooo exciting to have a new series to work on. Violet & Ruby Productions is going to be putting out the hottest, most fun e-book novellas for tweens and teens.Be sure to follow us on Twitter: @Violet_and_Ruby

I can't wait for you guys to read our first project! Be sure to scroll below and leave a comment (it can be anonymous if you like) or email me with a question for our PINKY SWEAR novella. How cool would it be to see your question in print? We're already getting a lot of great questions about friendships, so keep them coming.


Video from reading at Barnes & Noble! Secrets revealed!

Welcome to Wellington Prep!

Cover copyright © 2011 Violet & Ruby

Yay! Kate and I are very excited to share the cover and title for the first novella in our upcoming e-book series, WELLINGTON PREP. The title is dominate. :) It will be available soon for download from and for a killer price. Get your e-readers ready!

Here's the teaser again:

Wellington Prep: home to the notorious Jasmine King. And if you think Jasmine's a mean girl . . . meet the one who taught her everything she knows.

The release date will be coming soon!

Happy Saturday!

Pics from Barnes & Noble signing :)

Barnes & Noble in Tribecca. So pretty!

I. Have. A. Sign. Several, actually! OMG. And those are CC books next to the table.

Just started speaking. I love having a podium to, um, hide behind. :)

Love the green curtain.

Posing with my bestie/Canterwood partner extraordinaire Kate.

Jill aka "Sasha Silver" signing autographs! She's a rock star.

Jill and a reader girly.

Smiling for the camera with Miss Jill. I totally heart her!

Signing for some awesome girls.

More signing!

Smiling because we're having a great chat.

I look very serious here, LOL.

She came on crutches! Aw!

If you click on this pic, you can REALLY see my purple hair tinsel. :)

Signing it a glittery pink pen.

Still signing . . .

Ah, see the tinsel now! :)

Signing a book for Jill.

Editor K is now Author/Writer K!

Hi, guys!

I am beyond excited to share some news! My best friend has come over to the dark side ;) and is now a full-time writer/freelance-editor. She is no longer with Simon & Schuster after a wonderful four years of editing award winning books, many series and some fab stand-a-lones, she is now pursuing her dream as a writer. I could not be happier or more proud. (Um, plus, that means we get to write together every day in our pajamas. Woot!)

We have teamed up to form Violet & Ruby and soon we'll be bringing you the hottest, most fun e-book novellas for you to download via and Barnes & (They will not be available in physical book stores--only online.) They'll be published under Jessica Ashley & Kate Angelella.

Want a teaser of an e-book novella coming to you soon in forty page installments? How about this?

Wellington Prep: home to the notorious Jasmine King. And if you think Jasmine's a mean girl . . . meet the one who taught her everythi…

Canterwood Crest #13 title reveal!

I thought it would be fun for a little Monday pick-me-up! So, how about the reveal of the title for Canterwood Crest #13?!

(In case of any confusion, CHOSEN does not count as #13 because it is a super special.)

The title, brainstormed by the always-fab-and-brilliant Editor K, is . . .


I looove it! We're working on the book now and the title is perfect. There couldn't be a better title to fit the story.

The cover is fabulous and I can't wait to share it with you all!


Win a $100 Walmart gift card from LipSmackers!

LipSmackers is hosting a supercool contest with a big prize--a $100 gift card to Walmart!! What do you have to do? You have until Jan 31 to upload YOUR equestrian look to the Website. Click on the photo which will take you the page with full instructions.

Thank you, Bonne Bell! <3

Go enter and let me know if you win! Yay Unfriendly Competition Sweeps!


Weekend work

Got some work to do today. The upcoming week is going to be *busy!* I've got a sekrit phone call tomorrow, a book club/dinner on Tuesday and a bunch of work in between.

Most important, I'm gearing up for my B&N signing next Wednesday. There will be TWO huge surprises that night! Two very, very big and veeeerry secret surprises that you must be there for. Eeeek! :) :)

Happy Sunday!

Thanks, Team Canterwood!

I've been receiving some lovely e-mails from Team Canterwood regarding UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION. I know we're all sad to say goodbye to Sasha, but I'm thrilled that you guys are excited about the next chapter for Canterwood. :)

I just finished copy edits on CHOSEN last night--yay!

Today, I'm working on my YA project and outlining the next Canterwood book. Veeery exciting!

Have a great day, guys!

PS: Any of my blog readers attending my NYC signing on the 19th? I hope so!


Check this or be "cursed!"

This is the blog of 2011, guys! (Tweens, this is YA content, FYI . . .) Kate and Ross started their blog for their two books (Crossed and Cursed) from Sourcebooks' FIRE imprint. The first debuts in spring 2012!

Go check it out--it's amazing and it's going to be so cool to follow them from sale to publication. For Team Canterwood, go show Editor K some sparkles and comment to say hi! :)

Win a Skype chat with me!

On January, 4, UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION releases. I think that means we need some prizes!

I want to meet some members of Team Canterwood! Lucky for us that Skype is awesome! We can video chat or talk via Skype's phone feature if you don't have a Webcam. Best of all? It's totally FREE!



Three winners will get 15 minutes to chat with me via Skype in March! I want to give everyone plenty of time to enter and then we can coordinate our schedules.

This is a biiig prize, so here's how to enter starting today (you can do one or as many as you like--you get one entry per activity that you do):

* Blog about this contest and UNFRIENDLY'S release and put the link to your post on the comments here or on my LiveJournal

* Write a Facebook status update about the contest/UNFRIENDLY'S release

* Tweet about it

* Make a banner, avatar, graphic, etc., related to Canterwood and email it to me at jess _ burkhart @ hotmail DOT com. I will post all the graphics--not just…