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Go Carrie Jones!

This week is going to be busy! I’ve got lots of editing to do and I’m working away. I reallllly wanted to do ScriptFrenzy (it starts April 1), but I just do not have time this year. I’ll have to make my own ScriptFrenzy month later. Is anyone participating? Lots of people on the blue boards are excited. :)Tomorrow, a new video will be posted, so check back for that. And no, it’s not a video clue for the super-secret surprise. But it’s coming. Soon. Yesterday, I played with Blog Talk Radio (it’s really supposed to be used as a radio call-in show, but I use it for podcasting) and made my first entry. I talked over my introductory beginning (oops!) and in the intro that I taped weeks ago, I said the podcasts would start later in the summer than what I said in the live bit that I taped yesterday. So, please excuse my mistakes and I’ll be sure to make the next one better! :) On Friday, Class of 2k8 member and fellow Floridian Debbie Reed Fischer will be here. Today’s my mom’s birthday. Hap…

Teaser for your weekend

Okay...I've got some fun, exciting, suuuuper cool news book-related news! But I can't share it yet. As soon as I'm sure everything is a one hundred percent go, I'll post. Let's just say this...I'm going to document this trip with video blogs. It's something I've never done and I bet most of you haven't either. That's all I'll say. :) For now.

It's gonna be good. Keep your eyes peeled for a video coming soon with the first clue.

Workin' on edits

I'm excited! I'm days away (maybe 3 days) from finishing up a huge set of edits. Y-A-Y! That's the best feeling, isn't it? To be this close to giving up the manuscript and passing it along to an agent, editor or critique partner to read. I've been working super-extra-crazy hours to make this draft as best I can and even though I go all out on all my drafts--this one got an extra oopmf from somewhere.

Also...I can't say much at this point, but work on the cover for Take the Reins has commenced!! :) As I get details that I can share from Editor K, I'll pass them along. It's so, so exciting to dream up a cover and think about the jumble of pages and words becoming an actual book. That people will read. And hopefully like. :)

As you noticed, there's no guest this Friday. On April 4, however, the fun and fabulous Debbie Reed Fischer is stopping by. Don't miss that.

Finally, I'm working on plotting a 3-video set just for aspiring freelancers. If you&…

I Heart Dot Kitten

Have you guys seen this? This little kitten born in Sacramento has "I Heart Dot" on his side. It's truly interesting because his mother's name is Dottie! :) Read the news story here.

He's. So. Cute. :)

Books and TV Randomness

Book Bit

Last weekend, I started reading The Other Boleyn Girl since I thought the movie trailers looked so good. The film hasn't done incredibly well at the box office, but I like the actors. I haven't seen the film yet, but the book... W-O-W.

For the past year, I've been reading mostly YA with some MG thrown in. I haven't read many adult novels and if I did, I read that and a YA at the same time. I hadn't read an adult novel that gripped me recently. Until TOBG.

I also haven't read many historicals. But I should. Especially if there are other historicals as sizzling as this.

TV Time

Anyone else watching Dancing with the Stars? If so, you probably correctly predicted, as did I, that Penn and Monica would leave. No big shocker there! Penn's attitude bugged me. A lot. But Monica really tried hard! I thought Adam Corolla had a shot at leaving last night, but he's sticking around.

On the guys, I love Steve G. for purely sentimental reasons. I watched him a lot…

Diary of a Debut Author Promo Video

The winner of the Shana Norris giveaway is…Miss Erin! Yay! Erin, you’ve got 48 hours to e-mail me your name and address at jessica [at] jessicaburkhart [dot] com. Congrats!

Today’s my day to post at Teen Fiction CafĂ©, so I wanted to cross-post my entry. Check out the video! I shot it at a lake near my house and had to dodge killer bumblebees, a rambunctious yellow lab puppy and an angry goose. You can’t see, but behind me minnows and two painted turtles were watching. :)

The next blog video will go up on April 1 and check back soon for an exciting update on TAKE THE REINS!

Easter Egg Pictures

Every year, my family and I still dye Easter eggs for fun. The eggs on top are hardboiled and the eggs in the second picture are blown out eggs we made 10 years ago and have managed to keep from breaking that long. That's quite a feat if you knew my family moved often.

I watched Martha Stewart for a bit on Friday to see if I could replicate any of her Easter egg tricks. But no. She made lace Easter eggs. No spare lace in my house. :)

So, if you celebrate it, Happy Easter!

Scroll down for a giveaway with Shana Norris.

Author Visit: Shana Noris

Please welcome author Shana Norris!
Tell us why you decided to write SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT?I first created the characters of Libby and her friends twelve years ago as a teen and had written stories off and on throughout the years about them. But I could never find a story that I really liked, although I loved the characters. I put them away for a few years and decided to focus on writing fantasy. So I wrote this big fantasy trilogy and tried to get an agent for it, but I had no luck at all. So while taking a break from the fantasy one day in early 2005, I remembered those old characters I’d written about and decided to try them out in a new story. I was inspired to do a blog story because I’ve kept an online journal/blog for over ten years now and during college my own secret blog was discovered by some of my classmates. I didn’t have all of things that happen to Libby occur because of being found out, but it was still a little embarrassing. So I started with just the very basic idea…

Tomorrow's guest: Shana Norris

Just a quick note--tomorrow, I've got author of SOMETHING TO BLOG ABOUT Shana Norris! Shana is generously giving away one signed copy of SOMETHING to a lucky commenter. So, come back tomorrow and leave a note to be entered in the drawing.

I'm swamped right now with edits and creating a new video. :) They're so much fun. I had been wanting to do videos for months, but I finally did one last week. It has just over 600 views, so that's exciting. A new video will go up on Monday, so check back for that!

Rock the Drop!

Linda Gerber brought this to my attention:Operation Teen Book Drop. YALSA and readergirlz are asking YA authors to donate a copy of their book to a local library, teen center, school or other place where the book will be passed around.This is an effort to raise awareness for April 17, 2008—Support Teen Literature Day. YALSA and readergirlz have already coordinated 10,000 publisher-donated books to be given to top pediatric hospitals across the country. That’s amazing, guys!I’m putting out the call to YA authors and people with books to donate. Give! Go the Website, print out the bookplate and donate away—whether it’s a book with your name on it or not.I’ve got my mailing address on my Website and if you’d like to get your book into the hand of a Florida teen through the library, put your bookplate inside and send me a copy. As I’ve mentioned before, Florida’s library budgets were just DRASTICALLY cut and my library which serves hundreds of thousands of patrons is now only open five da…

6 random things

I was tagged by Book~Adorer to do six unimportant things about myself. So, here we go.

1. If you're watching TV with me, I have to hold the remote. This is non-negotiable. :)

2. I've never been to Starbucks. Gasp, I know! I just cannot pay that much for a coffee!

3. I'm addicted to my blog and Website StatCounter. I check them every day.

4. I failed my first college essay. Miserably, I might add.

5. My math skills suck. They're embarrassingly bad!

6. I think I'm getting addicted to video blogging. :)

Anyone else who wants to play is tagged!

Cherry Cheva Giveaway Winner- Micolz!

The winner of the Cherry Cheva giveaway is...Micolz! Congratulations! You've got 48 hours to e-mail me (jessica [@] jessicaburkhart [dot] com with your name and address so I can pass it on to Cherry.

If you didn't win, check back this Friday for a new prize.

(In case you guys are curious, here's what I use to determine the winner:

Also, look for a new video blog next week. :)

Author Visit: Cherry Cheva

Please welcome author of SHE'S SO MONEY--Cherry Cheva!

Book summary:

What happens when a good girl teams up with a total player and creates the biggest scandal their school has ever seen?Popular guy Camden convinces Maya that the only way to save her family’s Thai restaurant is to do other kids’ homework for cash, and she soon finds out that everything has a price.Especially falling in love.

How long did it take you to write SHE’S SO MONEY?Hmmm, probably about eight or nine months?Something like that—including revisions and the fact that I was writing it mostly on nights and weekends.Did you have an agent submit SHE’S SO MONEY, or did you do it on your own?I was lucky to have an agent already, from working in TV, so my agent handled it.What’s one of your favorite scenes in SHE’S SO MONEY? Anything where Maya and Camden are just snarking at each other, like the early scene where they’re hanging out in his basement, and whenever they’re driving around in his car.Scenes with just the tw…

Last Harry Potter Film Cut in Half

Well, I was going to blog about something going on with my library today, but I read this from Variety and had to post about it instead.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the film, is going to be released in TWO parts. The first half comes out in November 2010 (can we think that far ahead?!) and the second part will drop May 2011. Whoa. I'm very, very excited about that since I was already sad that HPDH would be the last film. Even thought they're really "one" it still feels like two.

What do you think about this? I'm guessing people will go see both films in crazy numbers and this will introduce a whole new generation of kids to the Potter books. Whatever gets kids to read--go for it.:)

Read the full article here:

Second winner in SA Harazin contest

I had to randomly draw a new winner in the S.A. Harazin giveaway, so...FRECKLESANDDEB, you've won! Please e-mail me your name and address to claim your prize. Send that to jessica [at] jessicaburkhart [dot] com. You've got 48 hours to e-mail that to me or we're drawing one final time.

Thanks! :)

It was great to hear about what everyone was reading. It's quite an eclectic mix and I added some books to my must-read pile.

Back to work!

Whatcha reading now?

Just a reminder--Kat, I need your name and address by tomorrow morning for the SA Harazin giveaway! E-mail it to me. Thanks!

What is everyone reading right now? I just finished FRENEMIES (ARC) by Alexa Young. Such a fun, good book! Before that, I read Sara Zarr's SWEETHEARTS. If Sara published a book a month, I'd get each one. :)

I'm getting ready to read THE FICTION CLASS, an adult novel, and then I have to see what's next in my pile.

Share your current read!

Winners and misc

We’ve got 2 winners of BLOOD BROTHERS! Kat and lilrongal, you’ve both won a signed copy of BLOOD BROTHERS! You’ve got 48 hours to e-mail me your name and address or I’ll have to pick other winners. Thank you to S.A. Harazin for stopping by and if you didn’t win a copy, go get one! So, yesterday, I decided to take a bit of a break before I dive into a new set of edits. It’s been almost three months since I lost my cat and I finally feel as if I can like another cat again. The sweet girl in the above pictures hangs out in my fenced in back yard sometimes. I always offer her cat food and treats, but she’s often too full to eat. Yep, she lives at a neighbor’s house down the street, but she wanders over for attention. Yesterday, I brought out the secret weapon guaranteed to make any cat fall in love with she who possesses said weapon. C-a-t-n-i-p. It doesn’t work on some cats, or kittens, but man, did little gray girl (we’re calling her “GG.”) love it! There was rolling, purring, yowling a…

Author Visit: S.A. Harazin

Please welcome author S.A. Harazin! Her novel, BLOOD BROTHERS, has been nominated for an Edgar. It's also an ALA Quick Pick.

Summary:Without his job at the hospital, Clay would be lost. The hard work, the struggles of the patients, the drama in the ER—they make his days seem worth something and give focus to his dream of someday becoming a doctor. Clay can’t afford to go away to college like the rest of his class, but what other seventeen-year old has delivered a baby or helped to save a life?Still, Clay wishes his life could be more like his best friend’s. Joey has it all—a great family, a good college waiting for him at the end of the summer, money, a car. Clay has to bike everywhere, and the miles are starting to wear him down.But Joey’s bright future shatters one day when he overdoses at a party. Now he’s clinging to life at the hospital where Clay works—and Clay may be blamed for his condition. Clay will do whatever he can to find out what happened at the party, and to help Jo…

The winner of VIOLET BY DESIGN

All right! We've got a winner in Melissa Walker's Violet contest. The WindyCindy! Congratulations! Please send an e-mail to jessica [@] jessicaburkhart [dot] com with your name and address so Melissa can mail your book.

Tomorrow, I've got author S.A. Harazin right here with a new contest, so don't despair if you didn't win.

I hope you're all enjoying the different guests on my blog and I'm pretty everyone agrees that prizes are fantastic. :)

Author Melissa Walker and a giveaway!

Please welcome author Melissa Walker!

What’s the message you hope readers gain from reading either VIOLET BY DESIGN or VIOLET ON THE RUNWAY?

I don’t know if there’s a message, necessarily, but I do know that I want the books to be about more than stacked heels and It bags (although those are always fun to throw in the mix). The fashion world has serious sides—the weight issue, the competition among girls, the sometimes over-the-top party scene—and I hope that watching Violet struggle with navigating those things will resonate with readers.

What’s your writing process like?

When I’m really working on a book with a deadline, I eat breakfast, then write. I don’t allow myself to have lunch until I have 1000 words on the page. They don’t have to be good words, but they have to be there. I do that five days a week; afternoons are spent working on magazine stories. Of course, I let myself enjoy the perks of being freelance sometimes! But in general, I am pretty consistent with the 10…

So the weather outside...

is awful. We're under ANOTHER (!) tornado watch, it's pouring buckets, it's freakishly windy and we've got a huge tree limb down in the back yard. This is a pain on busy days because I keep unplugging my desktop computer and wireless router so it doesn't get struck by lightning even though it has a surge protector. That cuts my poor laptop off from wireless. But...if I were doing what I was *supposed* to be doing, I wouldn't even be online right now! So, yeah, maybe the whole lightning thing is telling me something.

What's your weather today? I saw Ohio and Texas got snow in places and that's really going to affect today's voting. I'll be glued to the TV tonight for the results.

Red Hills Horse Trials press pass

(Borrowing this image from the Red Hills Horse Trails Website! Thanks!)

On Saturday, I got a special package in the press kit and parking pass from Red Hills Horse Trails. I'm so excited! I applied for a media pass in early February and thought it was a no since I hadn't heard anything. I e-mailed a follow up and Lisa (an event administrator) said she'd just mailed it.

It's going to be such a great event! There's a media tent for journalists and everyone gets a workstation. I'll be taking my camera and if it's allowed, I'll be video blogging from Red Hills with pictures and videos of the main events.

Happy Monday!