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Win a signed copy of Initiation!

So . . . anyone interested in winning a copy of INITIATION? (Out Jan. 3rd). :) If so, I'm giving away TWO signed copies!

The rules are easy:

You must be a US resident

You have to comment on THIS post and leave your email address so I can get in touch with you

Your comment topic is: "How are YOU going to celebrate Initiation release day?" :)

You get extra entries if: you reblog about the contest, tell your friends about Initiation (I trust you!), Tweet, Facebook, or do whatever you like to let other people know about it's release. If you leave what you did in your comment, I'll add it as an extra entry.

Two winners will be drawn at random at midnight on Monday. Good luck! I'll email the winners the next day. :)


A ten year old secret

I've been so welcomed into the online community--not just by writers and publishing people--but by teens, tweens and all types of fabulous people I never would have met without my blog. :) I consider you all friends, and I think it's time I share a ten year old secret with you.

I felt the need to do so now because of the volume of mail I've been receiving from wonderful readers who "want to look like me." I feel like a total fraud. Like I am portraying a false image of what they should aspire to look like. Readers who sent me this mail do not know what I've done to my body to look how I have in the past.

I've been struggling with anorexia since I was fourteen. Maybe even a little before then. For me, it was never a "I want to be skinny and then I'll be pretty!" it was a control issue. My home life was chaotic, I had no control and with food, I had the power. I chose what I ate, when, how much.

Over the years, my weight fluctuated depending o…

Lady Gaga & Greyson Chance

What's everyone up to this weekend? Anyone getting in the Christmas spirit or totally over it? I walked down an avenue block last night after picking up food and so many gorgeous lights and displays were up. I'm like a little kid--they make me SO happy. I live in a very diverse neighborhood and it's interesting to see how each culture decorates for Christmas. There was a Puerto Rican parade today that went down my street, though, I don't think it had anything to do with Xmas. ;)

I'm totally bumming around this weekend. Recovering from post-finishing a book hangover. Next book--COMEBACK--isn't due until March, so I've got some time to chill. I intended to start working on a project today, but chose to read (Ruthless--Pretty Little Liars #10), Teen Vogue, Glamour and some other fun mags lying around.

(CHECK those shoes! I'd *never* be able to stand in them!)
Did anyone catch yesterday's Ellen? Lady Gaga and Greyson Chance we on. First, I adore Greyso…

30 days!

Guess what comes out officially in exactly a month? INITIATION! :D

But . . . I'm betting stores have it a week to 10 days earlier. Sooo excited! Let me know when you snag a copy.

Must read: Winterling by Sarah Prineas

I had the pleasure of receiving friend and author Sarah Prineas's new book, WINTERLING. It happened like this:

Me: OMG, Sarah! I love your new cover! It has a horse!

Sarah: Thank you! But it's not a horse . . .

Me: ARC!!

And the HarperCollins publicity team had one at my doorstep a few days later.

Sarah and I share a book birthday, January 3, 2012. I'm not going to spoil the plot, but I will say that Fer, the main female character, is refreshing and curious. I love seeing a girl in this role and Fer learns a lot about herself while she tackles what seems like an insurmountable journey.  It's a true coming of age story that I'd recommend to middle grade and tween readers.

Here's what Barnes & Noble has to say:

We live here, my girl, because it is close to the Way, and echoes of its magic are felt in our world. The Way is a path leading to another place, where the people are governed by different rules. Magic runs through them and their land.
With her bou…

Some updates

Things have been a little rough lately to say the least. We learned this week that Pacey the cat has cancer. His tail is going to be amputated before the cancer spreads and he has two masses in his head. On Saturday, we're meeting with an oncologist to discuss chemo and radiation. All of this is scary, sad, and incredibly expensive. But Pacey will get the care that's best for him. Cats, and pets in general, are members of the family and it's an incredible toll on the ones who love them when they're sick.

Because of Pacey's illness, K and I have postponed her trip to Mayo. We were supposed to leave on Monday, but we just can't not knowing what the future holds with Pacey. Luckily, we got a VERY fast reschedule date and will be going to Mayo on January 5th.

Sorry for such a sad post, but I wanted to keep you all updated.

Hope you're ALL doing well and much love!


Initiation trailer now live!

Enjoy the INITIATION trailer! :D Happy holidays and I'm so thankful for all of YOU! xoxo

Want your Canterwood Kindle e-book signed?

Someone supersmart has come up with a way for me to do so! Check out this link and submit a request. I'll sign as I'm able (hopefully, I'll have time over the holidays) and will do my best to sign each one submitted to me.

I'm so excited about this! It's completely free, you don't have to mail anything--just follow the Website's instructions. :)

Yay, Kindle! :)

Canterwood writing weekend!

Happy Friday!

I'm gearing up for a 48-hour writing frenzy (minus a trip to the vet again). POPULAR is THIS close to being finished and I'm excited. :) Tasting the ending is always sweet. I just landed an unexpected freelance gig, too, that had a veeery tight deadline, so I've got to wrap up POPULAR and work on the freelance project.

What are your weekend plans? Share! :) Anyone seeing BREAKING DAWN? Or have you already seen it? I want to know what you think.

Snow White and the Huntsman trailer = cool!

Love this trailer! Can't wait for next summer. Snow White and the Huntsman looks like a very cool retelling! :) Horses, an evil queen, action, romance, KStew . . . I'm in!

The official Website.

Writing weekend marathon, anyone?

Hey, WriMos!

I'm prepping for a 48 hour writing marathon! (Little nervous bc my arm has been a significant factor as to why I have to stop writing.) But I'm icing it, have my prescription RX and every arm/wrist/hand brace on the market.

Anyone wanna join me for a writing weekend? No timed checked ins, just leave a comment whenever you want about your progress, if you're stressed and need encouragement, doing great and want to share--whatever!

I'll be checking in on my writing breaks. I'm setting my word count at zero for the weekend.

My project: POPULAR (Canterwood #14)
Goal: 7000 words for the weekend
Guestimated cans of Diet Coke to be consumed: 12
Guestimated # of times I'll wonder why I'm a writer: 1
Guestimated # of times I'll love my job: At each successful check in ;)

Let me know if you want to be a writing buddy!

Comeback cover reveal!

I just saw the cover for COMEBACK (Canterwood #15) is live on Amazon! Yay! I'm glad I stumbled on it! COMEBACK releases August 7, 2012. :)

Thanks, Womango Regional High School!

I had the best Skype with you all! Everyone asked awesome questions and bravo Nick for jumping in! :) I love having guys in my sessions.

Good luck to all of you during NaNo and Tweet or Facebook me with your progress!

And, just because, here are some pics I took with my Webcam while waiting to Skype, lol . . .

(The kitty hat is from Kohls, btw!) :)

Happy Friday! xoxo

Hello, NaNoWriMo 2011!

Ahh, NaNoWriMo is in the air! November 1st brings one of my favorite times of year--the month where hundreds of thousands of crazy writers try to write 50,000 words in a month.

I've been NaNoing since 2006 and my first NaNoNovel was TAKE THE REINS--the book that started the Canterwood series!

Here's what I've learned about NaNo:

FACT: You will consume more caffeine than you ever have.

FALSE: Your book won't be worth editing because you wrote it in a month.

FACT: You've got to write FAST. This forces you to turn off your inner editor. Buh-bye little editorial voice!

FALSE: On December 1st, your book will be perfect! Time to query agents or submit it to your editor if you have one already.

FACT: There are many NaNo critics. That's fine. To each his own. But I love NaNo!

FALSE: You've got to wait for the "perfect" time to do NaNo. This year's just too busy.

FACT: There will never be a perfect time to write a book. Life happens. Let it while you write a bo…

Spook-tacular giveaway!

The witching hour nears! Halloween is almost here! I LOVE Halloween and haven't missed one year of watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. :)

So, who else loves Halloween? Anyone trick or treating? Dressing up for a party?

But . . . I think Team Canterwood deserves a Halloween treat--not a trick!

Anyone interested in the first chapter of INITIATION?

Leave a comment here about anything Halloween related AND if I get 30 comments by midnight on Halloween, I'll post the first chapter of INITIATION right here the next day! :)

Yay Brazil and Poland!

September 15, 2011

International rights: Children's
Polish rights to Jessica Burkhart's CANTERWOOD CREST series, to Dolnoslaskie, in a two-book deal, by Marcin Biegaj at Graal on behalf of Simon & Schuster Children's. September 15, 2011

International rights: Non-fiction
Brazilian rights to Jessica Burkhart's CANTERWOOD CREST series, to Fundamento, in a ten-book deal, by Rachele Rabbino of the Sandra Bruna Literary Agency, on behalf of Simon & Schuster Children's.
I blogged about this before, but missed the actual PM announcements. I'm so excited and cannot wait to see Canterwoood in other languages! :)

Back to Brooklyn

K and I got home late last night from Mayo. Thank you ALL for the well wishes and inquiries about her surgery. She is healing, but the tests did not reveal anything that helped doctors determine how to stop her pain. So, we'll be going back in December.

I hope you're all having a good week and are getting ready for Halloween. It's my fave holiday--and Kate's!

Are you dressing up? Trick or treating? Attending a party?


Back to writing veeery fun scene in POPULAR. :p

Half a million!?

You guys! Thanks to *YOU* and I mean, each and every member of Team Canterwood, there are half a million Canterwood Crest books in print. Talk about insane! What great news for a stressful week.

We're getting ready to leave for Mayo #3 on Saturday. Thank you all for chiming in on the Facebook page and saying you'll take 10 seconds out of you day to send good thoughts to Kate during her surgery next Tuesday. We love you all.

I think I'm going to take a break from work and watch GOSSIP GIRL: season one with Kate. We're starting at episode one. We both stopped watching after two or three seasons, but I loved the first.



Horses Never Lie About Love by Jana Harris

“With lyrical writing and a gift for drawing in the reader from the first sentence, Jana Harris has created a memoir that any equine-enthusiast would devour and any reader unfamiliar with horses would find identifiable. The love Harris has for horses is palpable on the page and every chapter made me fall in love with her memorable horses and their incredible story.”--Jessica Burkhart, author of the Canterwood Crest series

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and was asked to blurb it if I liked it. I LOVE this memoir. I can't say enough about it and cannot wait for it to release in early November. It's a must-read for any horse lover. The pages flew by and I stayed up waaay too late reading this book. I, erm, even missed my train stop once. :)

Definitely check out HORSES NEVER LIE ABOUT LOVE by Jana Harris. It's available for preorder in many locations.

And don't take my word for it, here are all the blurbs and a summary of the book:

(Thanks to Amazon.)

I …

Favor, please

If you have Facebook, will you take a look at my "Good Thoughts for Kate" event on October 11th? I'm asking people to take 5 seconds out of their day then to send good thoughts Kate's way while she's in surgery. Surgery we hope will help her with pain.

If you join and spread the word, I'd be so, so grateful. Thank you for everything you've all already done!



Update on Kate

I promised you all an update and Team Canterwood (and our friends, especially Alex, Lauren, Becca, Katherine, Bri, and Andi) have been so supportive with e-mails, Facebook messages, etc.

I don't want to put too much of Kate's personal medical history online, but this last visit at Mayo was good and bad. Good because we have a surgery scheduled. Bad because doctors still don't know how to stop/help her with the screaming pain she's in every day.

We're going back to Mayo for the third time the second week of October. Kate is going to have surgery where doctors will try to find a cause for her pain. It's extremely exciting to have this chance, but also absolutely terrifying because of the fear that they won't find anything.

So, we are both very nervous and anxious right now. Going back to the hospital is not fun. I don't know how Kate has done it so many times. She still edits Canterwood while living every day for the past year and a half with a pain that med…

Chat with me!

There's a 15 minute chat with me up for grabs! Click here for deets! :)

Last time, I talked to Team Canterwood member Lauren for half an hour because we were having so much fun. I'd LOVE to talk to another TC member!


Video from Rochester B&N Canterwood Event

If you've seen the pics below, you know I had a wonderful time at Rochester's B&N at the Apache Mall. Kate came and introduced me to the crowd while Ross shot all of this footage. Thanks, Ross and Kate!

In one of these videos . . . I read an excerpt from INITIATION! :D Enjoy!

I've got serious writing to do. Have Diet Coke, coffee, kitty, gloss . . . all set!


Pics from signing in Rochester, MN

This past Sunday, September 18th, I had the pleasure of signing books and doing a surprise reading of an excerpt from INITIATION! :) The members of Team Canterwood who came were AMAZING. One reader got a bright blue feather in her hair because I had them! And Olivia brought me a lip gloss! So. Sweet.

The Rochester crowd was filled with TC people from all over--some even driving two+ hours to get to B&N. I can't thank you all enough for coming. I had so much fun. :)

Enjoy these pics and the video will be up soon!

Thanks to Kate for playing photographer. Thank you, also, to Brianna for helping with the event and Ross for filming.


Book signing this weekend!

The Brooklyn Trio got into Rochester on Tuesday night and crashed. There have been lots of appointments at Mayo and, for the first time, a doctor who listened. Dr. H has an idea of what could be causing K's pain and though we won't know for a while, there need to be more tests, etc., we're all happy that there is finally the tiniest bit of hope and something to go on. I don't want to share too much of K's personal stuff, but I wanted to thank you all for the love and support. I promise to keep you updated with how she's feeling and if this doctor's guess turns out to be correct.
I'm writing a piece that's due soon and using the hotel's color printer like CRAZY. Been printing tons of Facebook pics that I've wanted to have. Now, I'll have things to frame at home.
I'm probably going to head over to the downtown Rochester Barnes & Noble to sign stock like I did last time. How can I NOT visit that castle-like B&N?
I'm also supe…


OMG, sooo busy! A zillion things to do before leaving for Rochester tomorrow! Eeep!

If only you could see the mess that surrounds me...

Just wanted to give a quick shout out of thanks to the Rochester Post-Bulletin for the note about my signing:

(It wouldn't turn into an active link, sorry!)

If you're near the Apache Mall on Sunday, September 18th at 2pm, come see me! I'll be at Rochester's Barnes & Noble! :)


Away we go!

Off to Rochester, Minnesota!

Again, I'm asking for your good luck wishes, prayers, thoughts, etc., for Kate as we try to find a way to get her feeling well again.

I hope our Mayo Clinic experience is as good as it was last time.

Also, I hope to see some TC members at my signing on Sunday. :)


#3day comes to a close

Thank you to all of the participants in my spur of the moment Three Day Write a Thon! I had so much fun writing and editing with my Internet friends. :) I hope everyone's proud of the work they accomplished.

I STILL haven't been to bed! I'm deep into editing and writing. Probably will be done soon and then crashing hardcore. ;)

I will definitely be hosting another Write a Thon in the future. I think it was a great tool to bring writers together--I saw some of you agreed to exchange work with one another. That's wonderful!

Enjoy the short week, everyone, and talk soon!


#3daywat progress

So many people are participating--I LOVE it! I think I'll open this spot for new comments if you want to check in, give a progress report, discuss your project, ask each other questions or for advice, etc.

I'm definitely going to host another write-a-thon event in the future. Next time, I'll give advanced notice and we can all hang out and write together virtually. :) I'm having so much fun.

My progress:

I rewrote chapter 1 of POPULAR (CC #14.) It was waaay too passive. Beginnings always take me the longest and it took about six hours to get the opening right. I edited and wrote more of chapter 2. Got stuck on chapter 3 and skipped ahead to a horse scene. My faves. :) Lauren's about to start a lesson with Mr. Conner. Horse scenes flow fast for me.

So, if you like, check in here or on the first 3daywat post.

Writing advice for #3daywat

If anyone has writing questions before our AWESOME Three Day Write-a-Thon begins tomorrow, read this link. I answered tons of questions from young writers seeking advice.

If you want to join, sign up on yesterday's post! We're hashtagging it as #3daywat on Twitter. :)

See you bright and early tomorrow!

Hello, three day weekend!

I'm soo excited that it's a three day weekend after tomorrow! Well, weekends or weekdays really don't make much different to me as a writer, but it does mean no business related e-mails, stopping for publicity, etc., so I'll be kicking off a Three Day Write-a-Thon on Saturday morning!

Want to join me?

If you do, cool! Leave a comment here that you're going to be writing/editing/outlining, etc., and what you're working on if you like. Throughout the weekend and Monday, check in here to cheer each other on and report your progress. I'll be doing word count updates via Twitter. :) I love writing with other people. It, um, keeps me from getting distracted. Plus, it's embarrassing if I report back with a sad word count.

So, join me via Twitter, Facebook, my blog and let's WRITE!

I'm going to be outlining POPULAR and writing it, too. That's my project. I want to get as far as possible into it.

New Canterwood Crest YouTube video

What happened to August?

I can't believe it's almost September! August is going by sooo fast--aahh!

Things are in the quiet slash insanely busy stage, know what I mean? I'm waiting on copyedits for Initiation, am outlining Popular and am expecting to be able to announce some superexciting news very soon!

K is not feeling well. Actually, feeling the worst she ever has. We're getting ready to head back to Mayo in mid-September. I'll also be signing while we're there--on Sunday, September 18th at the Apache Mall B&N in Rochester, MN. Definitely come by and say hi. :)



So, the Canterwood cover photo shoot was last Monday! I got pics via text and I think these new covers are going to be AWESOME! I'm so excited to see them.
A few days ago, I finished INITIATION and am waiting for copy edits. Yay for another book down! I'm really in writing mode and want to start POPULAR this weekend. POPULAR is going to be crazy! :)
When does everyone go back to school?

Team Eric or Team Jacob?

You KNOW you have your fave Canterwood boy! Are you on Team Eric or Team Jacob? These hot new tees are available now! :)

Awesome graphics by Hannah F!

I heart these so hard core! Thank you, Hannah F for sending these! The lip-gloss one, especially, made me grin. :)

Many hearts!

Team Canterwood merchandise! Let's go shopping!

You've been asking and for months, I've been working on designing these Team Canterwood, Team Sasha, Team Lauren, Team Eric and Team Jacob T-shirts.

This is only the first batch--there are MANY more to come with different slogans, colors, etc. But I wanted to give you all some options now as you get ready for back to school shopping! :)

I'm having a blast designing these shirts and I can't wait to bring you more. This is a project I've been working on in my time when I'm not writing or editing Canterwood. I hope you all find something you like and happy shopping!

PS: The first 10 people to send me a photo of themselves in any of those shirts will get a signed copy of INITIATION when it releases. :)

Want to be published? Ask me anything!

This is your shot to ask questions about getting published. Whatever you're dreaming about--a book deal, writing for your school newspaper, publishing in magazines--leave a comment and ask your question.

I'm not answering questions about HOW to write, but rather how to get published. I won't be answering the questions in the comments section, however, they'll be answered in a different (soon to be revealed!) way. :)

You've got until I close the comments (probably two weeks) to leave yours. You can ask more than one, so go for it! Feel free, if you like, to leave your first name and age. I'm interested to know how old you are in consideration with your question.

I'm excited to read your questions! :)

Downloadable graphics from Pickle Monsta