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Typing on a Tuesday

Today it's back to the work week and more waiting will commence. I still have submissions (on my YA novel) out and around NYC, so I must find devices to keep myself amused while I bite my nails. :)

I typed a lot over Sunday and Monday after not typing much for a couple of days. I managed to pull out 2600 words yesterday and am hoping to get close to that today. Instead of staring at my phone (at least it's pink and cute!), I'm attempting to channel that nervous energy into my new book.

I've also been reading up a storm. Seriously. My book list for May is insane. I'm reading More Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet right now because I adored Lola Douglas' first novel.

What are you reading right now?


Natasha said…
I'm a fan of fantasy literature and I'm reading Robert Jordan's Fires of Heaven.
Your page is fresh! Will stay tuned x
Mary Danielson said…
I just finished Eloisa James' new book: Desperate Duchesses. As always, it was fantastic...I'm so glad I snagged an early copy at the airport before leaving the states! Now, as ridiculous as this sounds, I'm reading my French textbook from last semester. We head to France next week and I'm the only one who speaks the language - talk about pressure!

Great word count, chica. I'm so glad your sophomore novel is going well - not that I would expect anything less from our resident professional. ;)
Natasha, thanks! :)

Mary! So glad to hear from you overseas. You must be having a blast and you better be taking lots of pics. That IS pressure on you to speak French, so do us proud! LOL
I'm currently reading The Kings of New York by Michael Weinreb. It's sooo good. It's about the Edward R. Murrow HS chess team and their quest for another national championship. I highly recommend it...even if you don't like chess!

Woohoo on the word count!
Anonymous said…
I just finished "Love, Lucy" by Lucille Ball. Finished it in just a couple of days and quite enjoyed it. It's been months since I read a book cover to cover that fast.
Jess said…
Hey, Jess, a late congrats to you. I leave town and you have all sorts of news!!

My husband just returned from Scotland after working over there for a year. We'll be living in Houston temporarily...and keeping I-10 hot bouncing back and forth between big H. and Lake Charles, LA.

I have some news myself. I put "the end" on my manuscript. Now I start the revision process. A writer's work is never done.

So proud of you, girl! Better work on that marketing plan. ;)
Hey Jess! Glad you're back! :) Congrats to you on finishing your mss! That's HUGE! :)
Tonight I read Missing Abby b Lee Weatherly and Nobody's Princess by Esther Friesner. Last night was The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult. Next up... I still haven't decided yet- too much to choose from!

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