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Thanks, Womango Regional High School!

I had the best Skype with you all! Everyone asked awesome questions and bravo Nick for jumping in! :) I love having guys in my sessions.

Good luck to all of you during NaNo and Tweet or Facebook me with your progress!

And, just because, here are some pics I took with my Webcam while waiting to Skype, lol . . .

(The kitty hat is from Kohls, btw!) :)

Happy Friday! xoxo

Hello, NaNoWriMo 2011!

Ahh, NaNoWriMo is in the air! November 1st brings one of my favorite times of year--the month where hundreds of thousands of crazy writers try to write 50,000 words in a month.

I've been NaNoing since 2006 and my first NaNoNovel was TAKE THE REINS--the book that started the Canterwood series!

Here's what I've learned about NaNo:

FACT: You will consume more caffeine than you ever have.

FALSE: Your book won't be worth editing because you wrote it in a month.

FACT: You've got to write FAST. This forces you to turn off your inner editor. Buh-bye little editorial voice!

FALSE: On December 1st, your book will be perfect! Time to query agents or submit it to your editor if you have one already.

FACT: There are many NaNo critics. That's fine. To each his own. But I love NaNo!

FALSE: You've got to wait for the "perfect" time to do NaNo. This year's just too busy.

FACT: There will never be a perfect time to write a book. Life happens. Let it while you write a bo…

Spook-tacular giveaway!

The witching hour nears! Halloween is almost here! I LOVE Halloween and haven't missed one year of watching It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. :)

So, who else loves Halloween? Anyone trick or treating? Dressing up for a party?

But . . . I think Team Canterwood deserves a Halloween treat--not a trick!

Anyone interested in the first chapter of INITIATION?

Leave a comment here about anything Halloween related AND if I get 30 comments by midnight on Halloween, I'll post the first chapter of INITIATION right here the next day! :)

Yay Brazil and Poland!

September 15, 2011

International rights: Children's
Polish rights to Jessica Burkhart's CANTERWOOD CREST series, to Dolnoslaskie, in a two-book deal, by Marcin Biegaj at Graal on behalf of Simon & Schuster Children's. September 15, 2011

International rights: Non-fiction
Brazilian rights to Jessica Burkhart's CANTERWOOD CREST series, to Fundamento, in a ten-book deal, by Rachele Rabbino of the Sandra Bruna Literary Agency, on behalf of Simon & Schuster Children's.
I blogged about this before, but missed the actual PM announcements. I'm so excited and cannot wait to see Canterwoood in other languages! :)

Back to Brooklyn

K and I got home late last night from Mayo. Thank you ALL for the well wishes and inquiries about her surgery. She is healing, but the tests did not reveal anything that helped doctors determine how to stop her pain. So, we'll be going back in December.

I hope you're all having a good week and are getting ready for Halloween. It's my fave holiday--and Kate's!

Are you dressing up? Trick or treating? Attending a party?


Back to writing veeery fun scene in POPULAR. :p

Half a million!?

You guys! Thanks to *YOU* and I mean, each and every member of Team Canterwood, there are half a million Canterwood Crest books in print. Talk about insane! What great news for a stressful week.

We're getting ready to leave for Mayo #3 on Saturday. Thank you all for chiming in on the Facebook page and saying you'll take 10 seconds out of you day to send good thoughts to Kate during her surgery next Tuesday. We love you all.

I think I'm going to take a break from work and watch GOSSIP GIRL: season one with Kate. We're starting at episode one. We both stopped watching after two or three seasons, but I loved the first.



Horses Never Lie About Love by Jana Harris

“With lyrical writing and a gift for drawing in the reader from the first sentence, Jana Harris has created a memoir that any equine-enthusiast would devour and any reader unfamiliar with horses would find identifiable. The love Harris has for horses is palpable on the page and every chapter made me fall in love with her memorable horses and their incredible story.”--Jessica Burkhart, author of the Canterwood Crest series

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book and was asked to blurb it if I liked it. I LOVE this memoir. I can't say enough about it and cannot wait for it to release in early November. It's a must-read for any horse lover. The pages flew by and I stayed up waaay too late reading this book. I, erm, even missed my train stop once. :)

Definitely check out HORSES NEVER LIE ABOUT LOVE by Jana Harris. It's available for preorder in many locations.

And don't take my word for it, here are all the blurbs and a summary of the book:

(Thanks to Amazon.)

I …

Favor, please

If you have Facebook, will you take a look at my "Good Thoughts for Kate" event on October 11th? I'm asking people to take 5 seconds out of their day then to send good thoughts Kate's way while she's in surgery. Surgery we hope will help her with pain.

If you join and spread the word, I'd be so, so grateful. Thank you for everything you've all already done!