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Xmas gifts in pics

Thought I'd share some superfun and awesome Christmas gifts! Couldn't help throwing in a couple of blizzard pix. It's ridic outside!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!!


A present for you! Chapter 1 of Unfriendly Competition!

Several readers emailed me to let me know the first chapter is available here! Yay! So, happy Christmas Eve and enjoy! :)

Chapter 1
"WILL THE FOLLOWING STUDENTS PLEASE report to the headmistress' office: Heather Fox, Alison Robb, Julia Myer, and Sasha Silver."The loudspeaker silenced and I jerked up my head. Why was I being called to the office? My palms instantly started to sweat and my pink, sparkly Bic pen became slick in my fingers as I kept scribbling in my math notebook, hoping I'd imagined the announcement."Sasha, go ahead," Ms. Utz said. "I'll be sure one of your classmates fills you in about the weekend's homework."Um, guess not."I'll get your homework," Brit whispered, leaning toward me. Her almond-shaped eyes were framed by nervous, pushed-together eyebrows, but I could tell she was trying to hide her worry. Probably to help me from getting more scared than I already was. " Text me wh…

Compare these...

Compare this above to...

This. I kept meaning to post it! Look. At. The. Gold. Foil. *shiny*


Scroll below to enter my now fixed UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION give away! :)

Unfriendly Competition giveaway! :) Come win!


Sooo sorry!! I had the comments off! Enter away!
Rumor has it that copies of UNFRIENDLY COMPETITION are in! I haven't seen them yet, but I will next week! Eeeee!

Anyone interested in a signed copy? How about *two* of you?

Here are the rules:

To enter, leave a comment here, on my LiveJournal or in both places. You have until Monday, January 2nd at 11:59 EST to enter. I only ship to US addresses. You must leave me a way to contact you and you'll get your prize 2-3 weeks after we get in touch, but likely sooner.

You'll get an extra entry in the contest, btw, if you blog about it, post a note on your Facebook, Tweet about the contest, etc. Just leave me a link in your comment.

Yay for a new Canterwood prize!! :D

Signing and Q&A scheduled!

Yaaay! I'm having my first ever New York City signing next year. :) On January 19, 2011 at 7pm, I'll be at the Barnes & Noble in Tribeca holding a Q&A, signing and saying farewell to Sasha as the narrator.

I'd LOVE to see you there, so come out! I can't wait to meet Team Canterwood members who live close by. I'm incredibly excited and I'll have reminder posts over the next month.

For the exact location of the store, check it out here.

The exact address is:

97 Warren Street
NY, NY 10007

Many thanks to my publicist, Nicole, for setting it up.

What do you want under your Christmas tree?

It seems like Christmas time came out of no where! But it's almost here--yaay! I think it's going to be an excellent Christmas and I'm excited. If you're friends with me on Facebook, I stared posting pics in an Xmas album for everyone to see. If you don't have Facebook, there are a few pics on Twitter.

I want to hear about *your* Christmas if you celebrate it. What do you hope to find under your tree this morning? Share away in the comments section! :)

Unfriendly Competition in less than a month!

Woow! Our farewell to Sasha Silver countdown begins! I love her so much, but this is a new, exciting chapter for Canterwood. Editor K and I are putting everything we've got into Chosen and the new books and I think Team Canterwood will love the mix of everything Canterwood-related. :)

I'll be giving away signed copies when I get them, so stay tuned. I'll also be signing stock of the already released books at my Barnes & Noble soon. So, if you want one and you're in the area, stop by to grab one off the shelf.

Opening the comments here...what's your favorite Sasha moment?

Miracle in Brooklyn

I just got the best Christmas gift ever.


the winner of the book giveaway is JONI! I'll be emailing you next week for your info! Congratulations! :)

A novel gift from Readergirlz

Reposted from Readergirlz! Read the post on their site here!

A novel gift! Over 125,000 free books to low-income teens
BREAKING NEWS! First Book is giving away more than 125,000 brand-new books to low-income teen readers.

They’re great books, too, donated by generous publishers. Among the three dozen choices are P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast’s HOUSE OF NIGHT series and Alyson Noël’s SHADOWLAND.

We need your help getting the word out about the A Novel Gift campaign. Right now! Right now! As in, now!

Let's get organizations serving these teens registered with First Book so they can be matched with inventory during the holidays.

Here’s what we need you to do:

Post to Facebook and tweet your beak off about these books using the hashtag #novelgift.

Here’s a tinyurl link to their registration page:

Or you can link to this blog post:

Then, get in touch with every group you can think of…