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Fiction vs. Non-fiction

This has been an incredibly slow month for freelancing. Normally, I'm popping out articles each week to different magazines and have at least 25 queries floating around, but this month, I'm down to 10 queries and no immediate desire to send more at the moment. Why? Fiction has taken over! I used to switch back and forth daily, but now I'm finding myself ready for a short break from freelancing and have decided to devote my writing time to fiction. For now. :)

Anyone swap between fiction and non-fiction? Do you find yourself strugging with the "rules" for each or is it an effortless switch?


April said…
When I was trying to do fiction (which I have learned is not my thing) I had a hard time dividing my time between both. Sometimes I get so into something that I want to focus all of my time on it and lose track of other things. Then I end up frusterated. It's hard to do everything, so I think it's fine for you to take a little freelancing break if that's what you need.

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