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Thank you :)

Happy Saturday!

I'm just about to start writing, but wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for embracing my essay. It went viral like I'd never imagined and the Tweets, comments, emails, etc., about it were so kind.

I've got a *lot* of work to do this weekend, so I'm going to get to it, but thank you all again.

I hope everyone's doing something fun!


I'm up at Dear Teen Me

I'm very proud that my essay is posted on Dear Teen Me. It wasn't easy to write and, honestly, I'm feeling kind of queasy/excited right now. It was a great exercise for me, personally, and as a writer. My YA proposal, KEPT, is about this very topic and now it feels like people are getting a sneak peek at what KEPT is about. (If you're interested in more about KEPT, e-mail me or check my Publishers Marketplace page for details.)
But a portion of the essay is on DTM and you can read the full piece on my Jessica Ashley blog post right here.
*Please note that this essay contains some mature content.

Tonight's Pretty Little Liars finale!

Tonight is the finale of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS! *sobs* K and I love, love the series and it's usually the show we work to. I've read all of the books and K's making her way through the series.

I hope tonight's finale delivers and I can't wait for the show to return.

In honor of PLL, Kate and I wanted to feel pretty too, so we did a Queen Helene face mask (above) and did a little extra make up.

Anyone else watching tonight?

45 days and counting . . .

till CHOSEN releases! I'm sooooooooo excited about this book! It's the first ever Canterwood super special and Kate and I worked our butts off on this book. Notice I said "first" super special? Welllll, I'm announcing it for the first time that there will be another super special! A holiday themed one. :) I'm superthrilled to be writing about the holidays, winter, parties, horses in the snow, etc. It's going to be so. much. fun. I hope you guys like the plan, too!

It's going to be a non-stop working weekend for me. I'll be writing INITIATION. It's coming along well so far. A little slow with the beginning just because I still heard Sasha's voice in my head, but now I hear Lauren. I absolutely love her and I think you will too.

I want to know your weekend plans! Doing anything fun? Reading anything good? Spill!

Back to writing with Pretty Little Liars in the background.

Love to Team Canterwood.


Just an FYI . . .

(Cross-posted from Violet & Ruby)

Violet and I just found out that there may be someone out there posing as "Violet & Ruby." Though this may just be a big misunderstanding (we hope so, at least). But please be sure that when you're looking for us, stick to this website and this website only (other than our twitter account and each of our separate pages) until further notice.

Sorry about any confusion this may have caused . . . we are both profoundly confused ourselves. But it's safe to continue to visit this site for any updates about the real deal Violet & Ruby :)

Have a good night, all!

A gorgeous Team Eric video

I just found this AMAZING Team Eric video on YouTube from HorseAddict16's channel.

Thank you so much, HorseAddict16! Kate and I watched the video twice and I'm going to buy Taylor Swift's song right now! If anyone else creates a video in the future, please let me know so I can favorite it.

Enjoy, everyone!

Working on a super special suprise for TC!

Because you guys are so awesome and I totally <333 my readers, I'm writing something special for YOU. And just for you. I'm working on it now (slowly as I'm still getting over the flu--ick!), but it'll be ready as soon as I can.


It's Canterwood related.

Boys. Or one boy. :)

Also, I finally re-joined Publishers Marketplace--it's a dual page for Kate and me. I'm excited to be able to talk about Violet & Ruby and my WIP. I'm getting ready to look for an editor who might be interested, so if you're curious about it, definitely check out my PM page. (I'm unagented, but have 20 MG books under contract.) Kept, my YA novel, has 40 pages and a synopsis. It's in verse form and I'd label it as The Glass Castle or The Riches meets Ellen Hopkins. Send me an e-mail if you're an editor who'd like to see the proposal.

Back to working on superfun boy project. Much love and many thanks for all the get well wishes!


Vlog answering ?s from MIX

Aladdin MIX's marketing team sent a Flipcam for me to shoot video responses to some questions. I posted the vid on my YouTube channel and the video will also be part of a montage of videos from other authors. The project was talked about by Galley Cat and The Wall Street Journal--pretty cool!

Kate generously offered to shoot the video. Hope you enjoy! :)

Some celebratory shopping

I got some exciting news yesterday! It led to the purchase of the suuuperfun hoodie and the tank below from the place where, um, most of my paycheck goes--VS's PINK line.

The news? Take the Reins earned out its advance! Yay! It wouldn't have happened without *you,* the readers, and my ridiculously talented editor, Kate Angelella.

We decided some celebratory online shopping was in order, so I snagged that doodle zip hoodie and the pretty tank. I love that mix of blue and gray! Plus, I'm always cold, so I can't get enough hoodies.

Again, I'm so grateful that Take the Reins is doing so well and in it's . . . 6th (?--I should check that . . .) printing. I'll be working as I start to feel better on Initiation this weekend and I'm counting down the days until Chosen releases in May. I've got a lot of fun giveaways during release week! :)

Anyone else a PINK fanatic? What's your go-to store when you want to celebrate with clothes, accessories--whatever?

Dominate schedule change

(Cross-posted from Violet & Ruby)

So, I've got some good news and some bad.

First, the bad: I caught a really bad case of the flu and haven't been on the computer much because it makes me nauseous to look at the screen. That meant something happened that does to every writer on a rare occasion--I'm missed my deadline. I'm not well enough to finish my pages for dominate, so the e-novella won't be released on Friday (today) as planned. So sorry, all!

As soon as I feel better, I'll get back to writing and Kate and I will have the e-novella available.

The good: Kate and I decided that we'd give everyone a taste of dominate. Look below for the prologue and we hope you enjoy it! :)

More to come on dominate and thank you all for being so patient!



dominate PROLOGUE
The sirens closed in. Before anyone even knew that anything was wrong, the sirens sounded and the lights lit up the stormy midnight sky. Atop the steepest hill in all of Roquefo…

Initiation (CC #13) up on Amazon

I haven't been on the computer much recently (I'm super sick, ugh!) but someone on Team Canterwood e-mailed me to say that Initiation (Canterwood #13) was up on Amazon. I don't have the high res-cover yet, but this little one is online. Yay!

I love this cover and the names of the new characters will be revealed over time. When I get the cover in a bigger version, I'll repost it so you all can see the details.

Couple of cool things

Aladdin MIX's 5th anniversary is coming up. They're giving authors FlipCams to film some fun Q&As and a few other things. The idea made the Wall Street Journal. Cool! Check out "Writers Get Close in Video Interview."

Kate and I also have an account on Smashwords. (Thanks, Bri!) We'll likely be selling our e-books there in addition to other outlets. Here's our profile. :)

I'm finally back on Publishers Marketplace. I added (first time ever) a project that's available. Since I've been unagented for almost 2 years, I thought it was time to get an account for my projects in progress. If you're looking for a YA verse proposal, e-mail me for more details. Plus, there are details about the packager work Kate and I are doing with Violet & Ruby.

"Love Is Never Ugly. . ." Beastly by Alex Film to film

Beastly is out today! Anyone else dying to see it? I read Alex Flinn's novel when it came out and loved the book. Kate looooves the trailer, but she hasn't read the book yet. It'll be interesting to see it with two POV's--one who has read the book and one who hasn't.

Anyone read it?

Anyone not read it and going to see the film?

The reviews, um, aren't great. On Yahoo, the 7 critic reviews are a solid D+. The Boston Globe said, "Twilight knockoff is just way off: Beastly a fantasy that fizzles out." Another review, from ReelViews, said the film would have been better suited for ABC Family or The Disney Channel. Is that a knock against two channels with some killer shows? Hello, Pretty Little Liars!

There are several other critics that say things along the same lines. But I'm not one to really pay attention to critic reviews. I mean, when Britney Spears' Crossroads came out in 2002 (don't throw rotten tomatoes at me! :)), I thought it was The. B…