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Want an early copy of Best Enemies?

This is going to be a CRAZY week and blogging might be scarce. about a contest? If you'd like to enter to win one of TWO signed copies of BEST ENEMIES (out Oct 20), then leave a comment here and/or on my LiveJournal. Make sure to leave an email address so I can contact you if you win.

You have until Thursday, October 1st at 7am to leave your comment. I'll contact the winners over the weekend for their addresses. I'm only shipping to US addresses, too, so sorry international peeps!

If you want an extra entry, Tweet, Facebook, blog, vlog, etc., about the contest and put a link in your comment. :) Spreading the word about the contest is superhelpful, so thanks in advance!

Soon, I'll be posting a reading of the first and *possibly* second chapter of the book.

Go enter already! :)

Best Enemies copy! Yaay!

In my hands, I have finished copies of BEST ENEMIES! Eeeee!! Above is the full spread and you can see the wrap around cover. *happy sigh* I'm just in love with it. Of course, I couldn't wait to see all five books together.

In. Sane. Five! I'm so proud of them and can't wait for BEST ENEMIES to release!

Going to be working all weekend and at a crazy pace while I get the chapter by chapter outline down for HOME SWEET DRAMA (CC #8). Once that's a go, then it's writing time. :)

Happy weekend.

The Literary Review's spring launch with guest author J.R. Angelella

So excited to attend this event tomorrow evening! It's the spring launch party for The Literary Review, which is exciting enough...but even cooler than the kick off? J.R. Angelella is reading as a special guest author. *cue applause*

If you're in the area, come stop by and listen to the authors read. It's going to be a great night!

Welcome, Lauren Barnholdt!

Vlog answering reader questions

Readers at the Canterwood Crest forum left me some amazing questions to answer via vlog. Here's the first of 2 installments. Thanks, girls! You rocked it with the questions!

PS-I *just* uploaded the vid, so the quality will improve in a couple of hours. :)

Rival Revenge is complete! Woo!

Oooh, yay! The final draft of RIVAL REVENGE is in Editor K's hands. Yaaay! Book #7 is a wrap. Well, till copyedits anyway. But by then, I'll be loong into HOME SWEET DRAMA.

Now, to tackle the to-do list that seemed to come out of nowhere and become quite long. It involves lots of vlogging. And video making. And Website updating. I like. :)

Uh, but first...I might watch the NEW MOON trailer. Just one more time. One. As a sparkly (haha--it's true!) reward.

Hampton Classic wrap up

I *finally* have a second to blog about the awesome time I had at the Hampton Classic! The show was great and there were many activities going on all day. The above pic is me being interviewed by a local station about what I was doing at the show and how the books translated to the audience at the Classic. It was a great match because the grounds were FULL of kids and they were everywhere, hopped up on cotton candy and excited about being at show.

This was my view from the press box, where I sat for a while. The grounds were gorgeous and it was amazing to watch such high-quality horses and riders in such close proximity. The weather was awful because of a tropical storm, but the riders and horses kept going. The show wouldn't close unless it started to lightning, so I was glad that everything kept going.

This gray was one of my faves. The way he jumped was INSANE. And his rider was so talented--I wish I'd written down their names.

Isn't that jump gorgeous? I love it.

After han…

Fiona Finkelstein, Big-Time Ballerina!! (giveaway!)

Book summary:Sometimes Fiona Finkelstein's life seems to be a lot like a TV show -- everywhere she goes, there's a lot of drama. That's what being nine in Ordinary, Maryland, is like when your dad is the chief meteorologist for the local TV station, your mom lives in California and stars in a soap opera, and your little brother thinks he's a superhero. But right now, life is even better than TV, because Fiona Finkelstein has a chance to become what she's always dreamed of being: a big-time ballerina. There's just one problem: In her last recital, Fiona starred as the unforgettable Fiona VOMITstein -- all over the stage, and all over Benevolence Castles's can-can costume. Can Fiona overcome her fears so that she can finally be a big-time ballerina in the local holiday production of The Nutcracker? Or will she remain the only one in her family who has the flat-out worst case of stage fright ever?
Bio: SHAWN K. STOUT never made it to the big-time in ballet, de…

Vlog coming soon!

I promised the awesome reader girlies on the forums that I'd vlog answers to their questions. So, I'll be making that this week or this weekend, so look for that coming soon!

I've also been going through the vlog footage from the Canterwood shoot and we've got some superfun stuff! The CC models ROCK!

Get ready--Best Enemies releases on October 20 (so prob a week or more before that) and there are going to be lots of awesome things coming on the blog during October.

Positively by Courtney Sheinmel

About the book:

Emerson Price cannot remember a time when life was ordinary. She was four-years-old when she and her mom were diagnosed as HIV-positive – infected with the virus that causes AIDS, and eight when her parents divorced. Now she is thirteen and her mother is dead. Emmy moves in with her father and stepmother, but she feels completely alone. Even though everyone has always accepted her, no one – not her father, or stepmother, or even her best friend – understands what it’s like to have to take medicine every single day, to be so afraid of getting sick, and to miss her mom more than she ever thought she would. When Emmy’s dad and stepmother send her to Camp Positive, a camp for HIV-positive girls, Emmy is certain she is going to hate it. But soon she realizes that she is not so alone after all – and that sometimes letting other people in can make all the difference in the world.The author is donating a portion of her proceeds from this book to the Elizabeth Glaser Pedi…

Another Canterwood Crest photo shoot pic

I wanted to share my fave pic from the Canterwood shoot on Wednesday. I'm posing with this lovely bay horse and the famous Editor Kate. Now if you see her on the street and you want an early copy of Canterwood--chase her down. She'll love it. ;)

So. Glad. It's. Friday. But it's gonna be a working weekend. Like, crazy-working. But I'm just happy to be home and not on a plane or at an airport. I'm trying to respond to reader email (I've, um, got 15 pages of new messages to go through), but I'm working on it. You guys have been sooo patient and I really appreciate it! :) Also, if you sent me a book to sign, I mailed back a couple of them yesterday as well as responded to a couple of snail mail letters, so be on the look out for those. :) Special shout out to an awesome reader who sent me tiny plastic horses in the mail. <3 them!! Thank you!

What's everyone else doing this weekend?

Canterwood Crest photo shoot pics!

Yesterday was the third photo shoot for the Canterwood series!! We were shooting the covers for books 9-12 and it felt like a reunion of sorts, seeing my girls and the crew. I'm only posting pics that were Tweeted yesterday either by Editor K or I. The rest, hi-res beauties, will be posted around the releases of books 9-12. And maybe a few early ones here and there just to tease. ;) Or, I might post pics for that specfic cover when it's finished and I'm allowed to share it. Then you guys wouldn't have to wait until 2010 to see the videos. That would be sad.

It was a fantastic day. I was up at 4something and the S&S crew (yep, I'm including myself in there) rode together to NJ for the shoot.

We got started around 7something and wrapped around 7:30 that night. Everyone was fabulous and it was the best shoot ever. The covers (ahem, Jessica Handelman) are going to be *insane*. In the best way. Thanks, also, to Russell Gordon for adding his artistic eye to the shoot.


Decatur Book Festival wrap up

Inside The Little Shop of Stories...

A sweet display at the store

I love how cute the store is!

Emerging author stage

Welcome to the Decatur Book Festival!

Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending and speaking at the Decatur Book Festival. I spoke at 2:30 on Saturday at the Target Children's Stage and had a blast! I met some amazing readers and the audience asked a wide-range of questions. When you get to the end of your talk and you say "Thank you. Any questions?" it's ALWAYS scary. You're convinced no one will ask a question and you'll just stand there, face burning and then run off stage. So thank YOU, audience members, for saving me from that. Much appreciated! :)

I spent time vlogging, chatting with authors I'd been online friends with but hadn't met in person and hanging out in the author suite. It was a great trip and the entire festival was so well organized. The volunteers were beyond friendly and the staff was incredible.

Thanks again, DB…

Decatur Book Festival vlog

A vlog from the Decatur Book Festival. Thank you so much, DBF, for inviting me. Also, please support The Little Shop of Stories. Terra and her crew are amazing and so, so passionate about books. A full wrap up of the Festival (with maaaany pics) is coming soon. Hopefully, later today.

Deadline craziness

Blogging is going to be sporadic since I leave Friday morning for the Decatur Book Festival in Decatur, GA. It's going to be so much fun! I will, however, be vlogging and Tweeting from the event. I speak at 2:30pm on the Children's Stage. I'll be talking about all things Canterwood and am trying to make the talk funny/informative.

I'm also turning in RIVAL REVENGE on Thursday, so I'm responding to zero e-mails at this point. I'm not ignoring any of you (readers), I promise! I will e-mail you back as soon as I can. If you snail mailed me, I'll work on that soon too. Thank you so much for all of your notes! I do read and appreciate each one!

Back to editing...I don't want Editor Kate to throw the manuscript at my head. Or shred it into tiny pieces in front of me. Or cross out every page with a red Sharpie. It could happen, you know... ;)