Monday, May 21, 2007

Miss Snark gone forever

On a very sad note, Miss Snark is gone. The blogging world just got a bit darker.

Anyway, I've been sick for 3-4 days now and haven't been doing much. I can't remember the last time I was sick, so I guess it was due time or something. :)

While lying on the couch, I did start to lurk more on writer forums. Specifically, Verla Kay and Absolute Write.

The question from today's very short post you visit writer forums? If so, which ones?

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Tori said...

I'm a frequent visitor/poster to Absolute Write (love that place -- they helped me whip my query into shape!) and more recently wandered over to Verla Kay (also cool!). Same as I like the community of blogs, I like the community of a writing forum. What great company. Feel better!

April said...

I only visit Absolute Write. I don't really have the time to participate in more than that, what with all the blogs I read, e-mails, and of course writing (and writing my own blog). In order to manage my time I've had to get very specific about what I have and don't have time for :)

~Em~ said...

I'm an AW girl.

And Miss Snark going away absolutely sucks.

Writing Angel said...

I frequent, which is hosting a NaNo event in June. Otherwise it's NaNoWriMo / NaNoEdMo forums during those months.

ERiCA said...

I am *so* going to miss Miss Snark.

*cries a little*

Jessica Burkhart said...

Erica, I'm crying, too. LOL :)

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