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Mustang event today and book update

Today, I was supposed to go to a mustang adoption event for research for my current book. Unfortunately, the wildfires are burning intently through a town I had to travel through to get there and central Florida is quite a mess. So, I decided not to go and will try to catch the next adoption event in Georgia in July. It's going to be near Atlanta, so hopefully I'll be able to make that one.

On the news today, (world news!) my old town of Lake City was evacuated today due to wild fires. That was odd to see a tiny town of 10,000 people making world news. I moved from there only two years ago and I hope the town doesn't sustain any damage.

Instead of taking a trip today, I'll be writing on book 2 and heading to the library. I currently have 26 books, DVDs and CDs checked out on the family library cards, so it's time to return some items! The librarians groan when they see me come in. They know me so well by now that they know I never leave with less than 10 items. :)

Book update:

I'm about 7900 words into book two and it's going smoothly so far. I was so afraid of the sophomore slump and worried that I wouldn't do well with book two, but it's coming out fairly easily and I'm plugging along.

Happy weekend! :)


Anonymous said…
I can relate to you about going to the library. We do it every Sunday and between two of us rarely leave with less than a stack of 10 items. Today I got a bunch of magazines. We're only allowed to have them 1 week now, so I'll have to get cracking on them.
ERiCA said…
Great progress with Book 2!

Here's hoping the wildfires get contained fast and our Florida air clears up soon...

(And Georgia! If it's this bad down here, I can't *imagine* what they've been going through!)
Thanks, Erica! :) No kidding about getting the air clear. I've been confined to my treadmill for the past several days instead of walking outside. My fingers are crossed for rain!
Tori said…
I generally stick to having about ten books or so out from the library now, but when I was little I once maxed out the limit and then some ... 102 books. ^_^
LOL, Tori! I did the same thing when I was little. :) Gotta push those limits.

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