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Team Canterwood reader with Initiation

As part of the INITIATION contest, here's an entry! Connie with Initiation! Her mom sent the photo and gave me permission to post it. Thank you for being a part of Team Canterwood, Connie!!

Happy Sunday, all! Busy writing COMEBACK. :)


3 NEW cover reveals! Plus, extra special surprise!

Clare and Lauren
 Clare and New Girl Clare and Lauren 
I have the full covers and they're GORGEOUS. Thank you so, so much Jessica Handelman, Monica Stevenson and my fabulous models. Many hearts!
So, ready for *another surprise*? The real life model who plays the New Girl on the right side of cover #18 is on Twitter! She's a big fan of the series and was soooo excited when she was booked to model for the covers. We've exchanged several emails and Tweets and she's the sweetest girl. I'm not going to give up her character name yet, but . . . wanna follow her on Twitter? Find her here! Let's show her some love and welcome her into the Canterwood family! :)

Canterwood cover reveal!

I'm soo excited to be able to share the cover of Canterwood Crest #17 (JEALOUSY) with you! :) I have three more covers ready to be shared as soon as I get them. I can't wait and I hope you love this one as much as I do! We've got Lauren on the right and a new (!) character on the left. And doesn't Whisper look gorgeous?!

Thank you to everyone at Simon & Schuster for creating such a lovely cover that embodies the Canterwood spirit.

Happy weekend!


Initiation's almost here! I think it's time for PRIZES!

**I added a new way to enter below!

It's almost heeeeerrrreeee!! (Can you tell I'm excited? Cuz I'm not. I mean, why would I be freaking out that Team Canterwood gets INITIATION tomorrow?! :D)

Some of you have already found it in stores (thank you, booksellers!) and a lot of you haven't yet. Whether you've grabbed your copy or not, I think it's time to party with prizes! How else are we supposed to welcome Lauren to Canterwood?

In honor of book number lucky 13, I've got some fab stuff (my faves!) up for grabs. Check it:

That's right! We've got AMAZING Hair Tinsel and Gelly Roll pens. (Thank you to everyone at Hair Flairs and Sakura of America for offering up these fantastic prizes.

(Here's a pic of me from last January wearing dark purple tinsel. I was signing a book for our very own Jill (<3!)--the model for Sasha.) :)

The prizes up for grabs:

4 winners will receive:

2 packets of different color Hair Tinsel and either pink or purple Gelly Rol…