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Soon, one of my favorite sources of procrastination, the TV, will end sweeps month and resume summer reruns. That is going to free up lots of writing time! I feel as if I'll be watching season finales on every network for the next two weeks and then boom--back into reruns for the summer. I am, however, looking forward to a couple of shows such as Big Brother 8, So You Think You Can Dance? and Kyle XY.

I'm blogging about TV today because a writers' strike is looming in Hollywood. Writers are complaining that they are not being paid enough and that Hollywood is treating them unfairly. What does that mean for TV viewers? It means a lot, actually. Fewer scripted shows may pop up on fall and spring schedules. NBC has already announced that it will add no new comedies to its fall line up and if the strike happens, reality TV may dominate.

It's an interesting situation and as a writer, I am of course pulling for the TV writers of Hollywood.

What's your take on this?


Anonymous said…
This is a very interesting topic. I don't know about tv writers and how much they currently get paid etc., but if I were to be completely honest, there are way too many shows on tv in general. And lately I've been annoyed at how long running shows are getting bumped around on the scehdule for these new shows that often don't last. I would hate though to see even more reality shows pop up. I think with all the really bad shows popping up every month (or what it seems like), people who write for popular, long-running shows should get paid more if they're not getting enough. I don't think all shows should fall on the same level. Probably much more complicated than that, but that's my take. :P
Trish Ryan said…
I'm awed by the quality of writing they turn out every week for some shows (although admittedly, some are just terrible.) Here's hoping this strike weeds out some of the less-than-brilliant writers and frees up space for some new talent :)

And "So You Think You Can Dance" can't start soon enough!
I completely agree, April, that I've seen enough reality TV for a while except for a few summer shows.

Welcome, Trish! :) I certainly hope this does leave room for new writers to get a start somewhere. Thanks for stopping by!
Kelly Parra said…
Wow, my head has been in a cloud and hadn't heard. Interesting. I can't say what will happen, really or how long it could last.

I do love Big Brother, too! :)
Ooh, another BB addict! :) Yay!

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