Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How much research?

* I found my 15 year old cat, Jazz, sleeping like this on her heating pad the other day. I whispered, "modesty, woman!" in her ear. :)

Today's topic: research! How much research (if any) do you put into your novel? For my first YA, I didn't do any heavy research, just looked up a couple of things I didn't know that people would come screaming at me if I got wrong. I felt comfortable enough with my setting (New England) not do do extensive research about the location, seasons, etc.

For novel numero dos, I'm doing much more research on setting (out West), characters and animals that would be natural to that area. I guess I'm going for the realistic fiction aspect. I started checking facts closely after a reader posted a note on Amazon about a YA book I just read and complained that the author wrote about a two-lane highway that was supposed to be three-lanes. That sounds like a small thing to be upset about, but nevertheless--best to avoid things like that! :)

3 shout outs:

Writing Angel said...

I like to learn something when I read fiction too so accuracy is important. It isn't, however, more important than getting the book written in the first place. :)

~Em~ said...

I sort of went the easy way out... I created a fictional small town, with no real location. I modeled it after Mayberry.
A Mayberry with murderers, that is.

~Em~ said...

One more thing... I go to family events. That's my major source of research.

I highly encourage it.

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