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Dominate release date! Get ready!

Cross-posted from Violet & Ruby!

Wellington Prep . . . where dark secrets and dangerous lies are meant to be found out.

We have an *official* release date to share!

Dominate (Wellington Prep #1) will release on
March 11, 2011!

We'll provide all the links on that day (it's not available for pre-order), but you'll be able to purchase it via and for your e-reader devices. They will be priced at $2.99. (Um, can you say "killer deal!")

Dominate will be a perf weekend read, so that's why we chose Friday as "The Day."

As we've mentioned, it's not going to be available in physical stores. It's the first e-novella (a shorter form of an e-novel) installment in the Wellington Prep series. You'll have to download each e-novella to keep the juicy mystery and the horse-centered drama going. Each e-novella will add up to a complete e-book. :) We've already come up with titles for the next two and we can't…

Want me to blurb your book?

I’ve been asked recently about my policy on blurbing books, so I thought I’d do a quick post about it.

I definitely am blurbing as my schedule allows. Keep in mind, I only blurb books that I love. Also, if they’re not tween friendly (take my Canterwood audience into consideration), I have to discuss it with my editor. I may not be able to blurb it or the blurb might be under my YA pen name—Jessica Ashley.

If you’d like me to consider your book for a blurb, please shoot me an e-mail with a quick summary, if it’s tween friendly or not and how soon you need the blurb. I love talking up books I adore and if you’d like to consider me as a potential blurber, my e-mail address is jess _ Burkhart AT hotmail DOT com.

Happy Sunday!

A fave series coming to an end

I'm so sad that one of my all time fave series is coming to an end! Sniff!

The first book released in June 2006

The final installment in Sept 2011

The last PRIVATE book by the ubertalented Kate Brian will be released on September 6, 2011. I loved the title, VENGEANCE, and cannot wait to read it. I've got such mixed emotions about it. When I get addicted to a series, I want them to go on FOREVER. I feel that way especially about Private. It was series that Kate introduced me to. She sent me the first four books and that was a mistake on her part, LOL. After that, I kept begging (read: bugging) her for the latest book.

The series is one of my ultimate favorites and it really is one that is memorable for me.

Another series I devoured was Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liars series and just finished WANTED a few episodes into season one of the show. So, yes, I know who "A" is (no spoilers in the comments, please!!) and it's so fun to watch the ABC Family show and see wh…

Your frequently asked questions answered!

I get so many fun e-mails that I haven't had time to personally respond to them all. So, I thought I'd blog the most common questions with answers. I'm also pasting my FAQ from my Website.


I'm a young writer and I want to get published! Advice?

I shared TONS of tips and tricks here!

Where has your writing been published?

You'll find over 100 of my articles, quizzes, short stories and more in magazines and newspapers such as: A Girls' World,, Beautiful Girl, Characters, Florida Trend's Next, FSView & Florida Flambeau, Girls' Life, Guideposts Sweet 16, Howl!, Kid Magazine Writers, Lake City Magazine, Listen, NE Chronicle, Positive Teens, Rainy Day Corner, Romance Writers Report, Teen Ink, Teen Scene, Teen Voices, Teenage Christian, The Famuan, The Next Step, The Tattoo, The Writer, Writing for Dollars, Young People's Press and Young Writer.

How did you get an agent?

In November 2006, at nineteen, I participated in National Novel Writin…

My TBR pile calls to me . . .

I am soo bad about reading right now! I'm book hopping like crazy because my TBR pile is SO good! I've got Holly Black's RED GLOVE that I'm dying to start. The cover alone makes me want to drink a gallon of coffee and stay awake until I finish it. But I'm already reading two other books.

I just started Richelle Mead's SPIRIT BOUND. I am hopelessly in love with this series. It's fast-paced, dark, romantic...not to mention the vampires. I got hooked on it later than most, but I'm glad I have a couple left to read before the series ends.

I also just started Denise Jaden's LOSING FAITH. Isn't the cover beautiful? I'm intrigued by the concept and thought it would be good to read a stand-a-lone while reading another book in a series to mix it up.

What's calling to you from your TBR pile? Or, what are you reading now? Share!

PS: I have to copy Kate and say how freaking excited I am for RED RIDING HOOD.
Cannot wait to see it especially since Cat…

Be Mine

Whether you're with someone or single, celebrate the day! Much love to all of Team Canterwood! Sending candy hearts to all of you!<3

Chosen trailer

I thought it was time for a new trailer, so . . . here you go! This will *definitely* answer the question that everyone's been asking:

Who's the new girl?

Hope you like it! :)


So totally random!

Things have been so quiet lately on the blog! I'm working on a bunch of different projects/ventures and haven't had much time to blog, but that's going to change. I miss blogging and want to keep Team Canterwood and my other readers in the loop with what's going on.

Right now:

* Huge sekrit project (cross your fingers that it works out!!)

* Working on INITIATION with Kate

* Writing/sketching DOMINATE (Wellington Prep #1) also with Kate

* Figuring out how Violet & Ruby Productions is going to work to bring YOU the best e-novellas and books. We've got several projects in the works, including PINKY SWEAR--which we still want your questions for. See this post for info on how to have YOUR question included in our e-novella. We'll keep yours totally anonymous if you like--just e-mail us with your questions at kate AT kateangella DOT com or jess_burkhart AT hotmail DOT com. We've had a ton of great questions already, so slots are filling up fast! :) Thank you, guys…