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I'm on Tumblr!

If anyone has Tumblr, I have a blog there, too! It's the SAME info posted here just in a different location in case readers prefer Tumblr to Blogger. :)


YouTube Contest!

While we wait for the publication of FAMOUS on June 11th, I think it's time for a CONTEST! :)


You must be a US resident (So sorry international readers!) to win a prize
International readers CAN enter, but if you do win, you won't be able to receive your prize
There are no age restrictions
You must have a working e-mail address so I can get in touch with you if you win


Create a YouTube video that's 3 minutes or less about anything Canterwood! Get creative!

Upload it to your YouTube channel and e-mail me the LINK, NOT the video. I don't have room in my inbox! :)

Send the link to jess_burkhart AT hotmail DOT com

Put "YouTube Contest" in the subject of your e-mail

The deadline is May 5th, 2013.

That gives you one month! :) No entries will be accepted after that.


You don't need a fancy, expensive program to create a video. For PC users, you can use Windows Movie Maker, if you like, and it comes free with your…

Wellington Prep update

I've been getting a lot of e-mails (thank you!!) about Wellington Prep. Since I can't respond to every e-mail because of my deadlines, I thought I'd try to answer all of your questions about the series here.

When is Wellington Prep coming out?

There is no set date at this time. Several factors are impacting the date including Kate's illness (it's more important to get her to drs who can figure out why she's sick) plus looking at a computer makes her nauseous. :( I'm also dealing with a tendon problem in my elbow and need surgery, but I'm pushing through to get my contracted books written.

But it IS coming, right?!

Yes! Promise! As soon as Kate and I know more, you'll be the first to know. We love you all for being so patient.

Is it an e-book only?

Yes. No print copies will be made as Kate and I are co-writing and publishing the series ourselves.

Can't you (Jess) write it yourself?

No way! :) This is a collaboration with my best friend. It's toge…

Finally!! 1 Big Announcement Revealed!

Hi, all!

I've been promising an announcement for some time and TODAY'S THE DAY! I absolutely can't hold it in any longer. :) I wanted to do it via vlog, but I have a cold and sound like Snuffleupagus! LOL. So I'll do my very best to convey my CRAZY excitement via blog!

I've been holding onto this news for months and oh, my, it has been SO hard not to spill!! Only a handful of close friends know and I'm thrilled to finally be able to tell everyone else.

So . . . back in December, I signed a new book contract!!

Actually, a 4-book series contract with my ever-so-amazing publisher, Simon & Schuster.
The series, currently untitled, is a chapter book series for kids ages 6-9 (roughly) and it is my first EVER time writing fantasy!

What kind of fantasy? How about one centered around unicorns? :) It felt like such a natural step to take after Canterwood and it has been So. Much. Fun. I've written the first book and had a blast doing so. The series will be edited …