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How is everyone?

Hi, guys!

Writing from Rochester, Minnesota while Kate and I are still at the Mayo Clinic. Not sure when we'll be heading back to the BK soon, but we miss home!

And the kitties.

And our neighborhood.

And R.

And the apartment.

And the sweet guys at the bodega.

And Mike, our UPS guy.

And a zillion things you don't think you'll miss when you're gone, but you do!

(Like, K's a Mac person and she brought her Mac. I didn't bring my PC. I'm going through PC withdrawal!)

We're in our hotel room or at the hospital 99% of the time, but we did get to the local Target for some fun PJ shopping and groceries (our room has a microwave and mini-fridge) and also to the local mall for a little bit.

So, tell me what you're up to! How long have you ever been away from home? What did you miss the most?


Off to Mayo tomorrow

Kate and I will be leaving for Mayo tomorrow. *waves to Rochester, MN people* Not sure when we'll be back, but I'll let Team Canterwood know when we're home. 

Happy Monday!