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Happy Holiday!

EDIT: An insane story about book burning!

It's a holiday and I'm working! I'm about 75 pages into my new book (young adult novel #2) and am going to write until lunch. My family is grilling today and there's no way I'm staying indoors when it's going to be so nice outside. Eighty-nine degrees is pretty nice, huh?

I worried about a sophomore slump with the second book and was nervous that writing a second would be harder than writing the first, but that's really not true for me. I've found this book to flow easier and I needed a distraction while I waited for news on my submissions. :)

I'm on assignment for Listen Magazine this week, so when I get updates on the assignment I'll post them here.


Anonymous said…
I'm glad you've heard from Listen because I just contacted them last week about a couple quizzes I've been waiting to hear about since Feb. I haven't heard a peep in quite a while. Lately I am having so much trouble getting in touch with editors. I am waiting on payment from 2 places (my friend getting paid from one of those and her piece was published 2 months after mine). Needless to say I am feeling a tad frusterated these days.
I think Celeste has been really, really busy. It took her a while to get back to me, too. Don't be too frustrated! I think things slow down so much during the summer.
Anonymous said…
I thought about the summer coming up too, and I know they will be out completely soon until school starts back up again. I do hope I hear something before they leave for summer, as I have 3 pieces with them.
I'll be patient.
At least I heard from VerveGirl, they pay 30 days post-publication, so that's good to know!

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