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Monday again

It's Monday again. It seems like it's always Monday sometimes! I've got a lot of new projects for this week. The first thing I have to do this morning is send off my article to Romance Writers Report that's due July 5. I kept putting it off until I was finished with school and I finally got it finished yesterday.

Next, I'm going to finish watching DVDs on Yellowstone National Park and on the Western wildlife and setting. Since my next YA book is going to be set out West, I needed more information and visuals on the Western states.

Yesterday, my family and I went to Bald State Park's beach. The park was amazing and people can spot bob cats, bears, bald eagles, sea turtles and a dozen other wonderful creatures. I spotted dozens of horseshoe crabs, blue crabs and fish, but none of the other creatures I listed above. The beach had a great sandbar and you could walk at least 1/2 a mile into less than knee high water out into the ocean. Brilliant. :)

What are everyone's plans for the week?


The beach sounds wonderful! 1/2 mile in knee-deep nice!

No major plans for me this week. Just working and getting stuff done around the apt. I need to pick up dry cleaning and mail my mum's mother's day gift. Those are my highlights!
It was really, truly nice. :) Ooh, Mother's Day! Thanks for the reminder!
ERiCA said…
Sounds fun! I plan to send off a request, catch up on my client work, and carve out some time to make progress with my WIP. We'll see how that goes! =)
Anonymous said…
This week I have lots of writing I want to get done. First of all, I want to start sending reprints and try to make sales. I never do that, but I should get into the habit. And I've been coming up with a ton of new article ideas so I plan to start writing those.

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