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Screenplay outlined

I'm finally, officially finished with my first young adult manuscript and am cleared to move on to book two. I'm about 1800 words into the new book and it's feeling great. New characters, new setting, new issues and different goals. At first I felt feelings of "Oh no! I don't want to leave my old characters behind yet. I'm not ready!" and then those feelings slowly morphed into "Ah, but I like meeting new characters" and now I'm completely invested in my new YA mss.

Over the car ride to the beach on Sunday, I wrote a synopsis of my first screenplay and am giving it a deeper outline on note cards today. There's serious debate (already!) going on in the Script Frenzy forums as to how many times one should revise a screenplay if it's not agented. Everyone has some interesting arguments.

Script Frenzy has a writer's profile like NaNoWriMo and it asks you to answer "my film is X meets Y." I'm still struggling with that one.

And, I just started reading the first Shopaholic and am now madly in love with Sophie Kinsella's writing. Seriously.


I was wondering if you were going to do the whole script frenzy thing! You might have posted about it previously, but I can't remember.

Glad you like SK! I hated Shopaholci at first. It drove me crazy...I kept thinking that it's not that hard to curb spending habits! After 3 tries, I finally finished the book and I DID like it by the end. Can You Keep a Secret is by far SK's best, tho. It's one of my favorite chick lit books ever!
I completely agree about the shopping habits! Becky is NOTHING like me. I'm so frugal it's crazy, but I enjoy the style of the book. :) How're you doing, btw?
Oh I'm good! I liked the style was a refreshing change from a lot of other things I had been reading at the time. I'm telling you tho...check out Can You Keep A Secret. You won't be disappointed!

But yes...things have been good. I'm just pluggin' along at work and trying to get in writing as much as possible. My life isn't the most exciting thing in the world :)
I'll definitely read the Secret book. :) That's next on my list! Glad you're doing well too. Life is quiet right now for me as well, but I prefer that to chaos I think. :)
Ella Enchanted said…
Isn't Shopaholic wonderful? I adore, adore, adore Becky. And it's not at all because I may just identify with her a tad... ahem.

Yay for finishing with your first YA. Seriously, how awesome! Glad to have been there for part of the ride. :D
Oh, oh, I see how it is, E. :) Not running from the bank are you, dear? LOL
alexgirl said…
I know what you mean! I hate saying goodbye to old characters, but it is so much fun finding new ones.

I've never read Shopaholic, but I did read The Undomestic Goddess, which is I think by Sophie Kinsella too. She writes so many books! Ah, to be that prolific...
Ella Enchanted said…
LOL, I *should* be running to the bank. Nah, I'm not anywhere NEAR as addicted to shopping as our darling Becky is, but if I do have money to spend, I'll shop compulsively. For things I don't need, since my closets are so full I can't fit anything else into it.
E, whew. I was afraid I had been chatting all of this time with a runaway shopper. :)

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