Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#3day comes to a close

Thank you to all of the participants in my spur of the moment Three Day Write a Thon! I had so much fun writing and editing with my Internet friends. :) I hope everyone's proud of the work they accomplished.

I STILL haven't been to bed! I'm deep into editing and writing. Probably will be done soon and then crashing hardcore. ;)

I will definitely be hosting another Write a Thon in the future. I think it was a great tool to bring writers together--I saw some of you agreed to exchange work with one another. That's wonderful!

Enjoy the short week, everyone, and talk soon!


7 shout outs:

Anonymous said...

You took Labor Day Literally! Wow! What a weekend for you and all the other writers.

Madelyn said...

Maybe you could have another write a thon. But this time. To help you finish your books faster you should get some ideas from other wirters. So like say you needed a good idea for the new girls going on break. You could ask around for ideas. I hope that makes sense. Post it on your blog if you like it that would make me feel really special. Thx. Bye! :)

Show Jumper said...

Thanks so much for this opportunity.

~Show Jumper

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica....
When is Lauren going to update her blog? I like it a lot and I want to see how canterwood crest works out for her!!!!
This Write-A-Thon was a great experience. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

When will you tell us about the sekrit news you mentioned on twitter?

Callie said...

Thats so cool jessica!

Plase visit http://callie-everythinghorse.blogspot.com/2011/09/canterwood-crest-craziest-fan.html

I'm trying to make a really goos blog of course Canterwood is involed, i will not take credit 4 anything canterwood:). Please Please Please visit! And tell me what you think:)

Madelyn said...

Dear Jessica have you posted a picture of your husband yet? If you haven't you def should.

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