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#3day comes to a close

Thank you to all of the participants in my spur of the moment Three Day Write a Thon! I had so much fun writing and editing with my Internet friends. :) I hope everyone's proud of the work they accomplished.

I STILL haven't been to bed! I'm deep into editing and writing. Probably will be done soon and then crashing hardcore. ;)

I will definitely be hosting another Write a Thon in the future. I think it was a great tool to bring writers together--I saw some of you agreed to exchange work with one another. That's wonderful!

Enjoy the short week, everyone, and talk soon!



Anonymous said…
You took Labor Day Literally! Wow! What a weekend for you and all the other writers.
Madelyn said…
Maybe you could have another write a thon. But this time. To help you finish your books faster you should get some ideas from other wirters. So like say you needed a good idea for the new girls going on break. You could ask around for ideas. I hope that makes sense. Post it on your blog if you like it that would make me feel really special. Thx. Bye! :)
Show Jumper said…
Thanks so much for this opportunity.

~Show Jumper
Anonymous said…
Hey Jessica....
When is Lauren going to update her blog? I like it a lot and I want to see how canterwood crest works out for her!!!!
This Write-A-Thon was a great experience. Thank you so much.
Anonymous said…
When will you tell us about the sekrit news you mentioned on twitter?
Callie said…
Thats so cool jessica!

Plase visit

I'm trying to make a really goos blog of course Canterwood is involed, i will not take credit 4 anything canterwood:). Please Please Please visit! And tell me what you think:)
Madelyn said…
Dear Jessica have you posted a picture of your husband yet? If you haven't you def should.

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