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Thanks, Womango Regional High School!

I had the best Skype with you all! Everyone asked awesome questions and bravo Nick for jumping in! :) I love having guys in my sessions.

Good luck to all of you during NaNo and Tweet or Facebook me with your progress!

And, just because, here are some pics I took with my Webcam while waiting to Skype, lol . . .

(The kitty hat is from Kohls, btw!) :)

Happy Friday! xoxo


Anonymous said…
You have such naturally beautiful eyes and then you do an incredible job with your makeup.
Just wondering--what makeup do you wear?
I love the kitty hat:)
Sam Newman :) said…
omigod, one word: adorable!:)))
Anonymous said…
HELLO KITTY!!you are amazingly beautiful and your eyes are to die for!! Got snow????
omg, your eyes r amazing, even though idont wear makeup becuz i have "long, black eyelashes" states everyone. the kitty hat is ssoo cute, my friend has one almost exactly like it
Anonymous said…
Your eye makeup looks awesome, Jess :)!
And is it snowing anywhere else, cause were I live we have snow in October!!!
Callie said…
Hey Jess-

I hope Kate's doing better:). Also my friend made cat hats just like that but they are white and have different expressions to match h friends personalities, she is going to make me one soon.:) Also I know I have snow!!!!! Oh and I am being this Leapord Kitty for Halloween, but aI was going to be Hermonie fromHarry Potter But I am not.
Adina H. said…
lolz totally awezome jess :D. Love the kitty cat hat, might have to get that for my sista for christmas......
Brooklyn H. said…
AAAAHHHHH love the new book. Awesome hat BTW LOVE your books!
Jim said…
Guess I'm late to the party, but I found these while running your name through Google Images. You're as beautiful as ever, Jess. I'm glad the 'CC' series has come so far. I remember you posting about it during the last Summer Olympics. :)

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