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Canterwood writing weekend!

Happy Friday!

I'm gearing up for a 48-hour writing frenzy (minus a trip to the vet again). POPULAR is THIS close to being finished and I'm excited. :) Tasting the ending is always sweet. I just landed an unexpected freelance gig, too, that had a veeery tight deadline, so I've got to wrap up POPULAR and work on the freelance project.

What are your weekend plans? Share! :) Anyone seeing BREAKING DAWN? Or have you already seen it? I want to know what you think.


Sam Newman =D said…
I might go see it tomorrow! :)(Breaking Dawn, I mean.)
Jessie Lyn said…
I'm going to help my grandma with some cleaning. We're going to clean the counters in the kitchen. Then we're probably going to watch BYU college football. I'll probably do some writing too based on what my grandma and I will be doing.
Jessie Lyn said…
I didn't put my own picture on because of my acne problem. My skin is naturally more oily so acne is a constant battle
Joni said…
Best wishes on your writing! I'm so excited for the next Canterwood book to come out- can't wait to see where Lauren's story goes. ^.^
Anonymous said…
can't wait to see Breaking Dawn, after the lines of people go down, then I will go.Have a great writing weekend.Making hot dogs with cheese wrapped in crescent rolls for lunch!
Anonymous said…
Congrats! Someday, I wish that instead of being eleven, I would be on very tight deadlines and have my own novels :)
Anonymous said…
Saw it last night!!! It was really good but scary at one part.
Adina H. said…
Breaking dawn sucks, just gonna say that. I havent seen it but, twilight sucks so breaking dawn has to suck, just sayin. I'm gonna get my hair done because i have picture day on monday so yea :). Good luck with popular, i know its gonna be AWEZOME can not wait to read intination XD
horse_crazy said…
Nah, no Breaking Dawn for me...I saw a review for it on tv yeaterday and they gave the movie a one star...a no for me...:P But I'll watch it once on dvd.
Anonymous said…
I fell asleep during New Moon so I think I'll skip Breaking Dawn...but I rode my favorite pony Cisco today and that was fun!
Sam said…
AAHHH!!!! I'm FINALLY getting English riding lessons..... I've had Western, and I'll be able to switch back if need be and still go to the same place, but I REALLY want to learn to jump. :)) I'M SO EXCITED!
Anonymous said…
Guess what guys?
I'm having riding lessons (finally) this Wednesday! So excited!
I would love to see Breaking Dawn but parents say no to all Twilight movies- :(. Excited anyway!!
Anonymous said…
Just going to put it out there that I find the vampire/werewolf thing strange. There is nothing that sexy about a hot British guy painted white with red eyes.
But, other people love it, so I'm not one to judge.
They think I'm strange for my fascination with animated penguins:)
I guess now that the weekend is over, the better question is, who's doing what for break? I don't even care about the turkey, because I get to ride my horse all day EVERY day!!!! I am painting her hooves with twinkletoes, too, to add to the mental pictures:)

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