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Writing weekend marathon, anyone?

Hey, WriMos!

I'm prepping for a 48 hour writing marathon! (Little nervous bc my arm has been a significant factor as to why I have to stop writing.) But I'm icing it, have my prescription RX and every arm/wrist/hand brace on the market.

Anyone wanna join me for a writing weekend? No timed checked ins, just leave a comment whenever you want about your progress, if you're stressed and need encouragement, doing great and want to share--whatever!

I'll be checking in on my writing breaks. I'm setting my word count at zero for the weekend.

My project: POPULAR (Canterwood #14)
Goal: 7000 words for the weekend
Guestimated cans of Diet Coke to be consumed: 12
Guestimated # of times I'll wonder why I'm a writer: 1
Guestimated # of times I'll love my job: At each successful check in ;)

Let me know if you want to be a writing buddy!


Jessica said…
Oh my gosh!!!! I dont know if i could do that!!!!
Anonymous said…
I'll be on a writing spree all day tomorrow after soccer!
Katharine Swan said…
I just added more than 4,000 words tonight -- I'm at 13,356 so far. Whew! I probably won't have a chance to write tomorrow (Saturday), but I'll try to check in Sunday -- I'm hoping to get another substantial chunk written then. My NaNo screen name is also Katharine Swan, if anyone wants to buddy me.
Anonymous said…
I so will! I need to write up to 20,000 this weeked, why not with you? Any time and date, count me in...I've been right up to par. For me, that's pretty good. I'm registered in the adult NaNo, and I'm only eleven! Here's my NaNoWriMo page if anyone wants to check me out!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Will totally join you, Jess!
Molly said…
I am *so* in. And Katia...I'm 11 too, but my goal is 6500 words. I'm on the YWP and in about a year, probably next year, I'll do the big one.
Molly said…
Oh, and @Katia, I looked at it...amazing!
I made an adult account to use for next year, or to stay in touch with one of my older friends, the user is molly_cat. I use the YWP, though, and this is my account:
Anonymous said…
Can I join? I wrote 2 novels already and on my third! Chapter 5! I stuck on ideas the girls can do after class! Homework would be kind of boring for a start...I need *Drama*
Molly said…
Depending on how old your characters are, they could go to the mall and run into the uber snotty mean girls? Just a suggestion.
Anonymous said…
Ugh, I stink at beginnings and titles! It takes hours to finally get the first sentence, then everything starts 'flowing'...:)
Hey, guys!!

Just starting now after a long vet visit with kitty.

How's everyone doing?

*gogogo* :)
Check in #1: 1,686 words today. :) Still going!
Molly said…
Check in #1: 1552 written today. On the adult site, I shall finish on Jan. 18th 2012.
On YWP, the one I am doing, my goal is 6500, I shall finish on....Nov. 11th 2011.
Jess, what is your NaNo user?
Hey Jess!
I'd love to be writing buddies. My username is teenficwriter.
Molly said…
Oh, dang it! I just realized that jess has a character named Becca, and I do too, but my character is named after one of my friends. sorry :(
Anonymous said…
Just finished writing a dramatic scene in my series book #3 White Road!! On Chapter 5!
Molly said…
Hit the 4081 words mark :) YAYZERS!
Anonymous said…
Wish I had time to write...:( I have been up every night past midnight doing homework, and am under the impression that junior year is miserable.
For a girl who used to write every single day, no exceptions, in excessive amounts, and hasn't written (for fun) since summer vacation, I really wish I could be a part of the writing weekend. It kills me!
Good luck to all to the writers!
I wish I could take part of it!
And to anonymous... inspired from real life, your characters could go home and decide to cook a snack, but let your imagination decide how big the fire is:)
Aly and Bella said…
WLC (writing like crazy) all weekend. :) Idk if my hand will work anymore for school on monday!!!!!!!!!! XD XD XD
Anonymous said…
Brooklyn H. said…
Hey, Jess I used the Dominate avatar once on then I took it off because it was freaking my friend out, she's very dorky FYI.
Adina H. said…
neato that sounds like fun lolz, but idk if i could just sit down and write 4 a period of time. I'm writing a story now, but im kinda in like a stand still, i want to write more but then i dont lolz.
im at 12,972 and my goal is 25,000...I'm only 11 too:D
from Jess(ica)
Cheyenne said…
Yeah, I'm busy writing, I sat at my computer the whole entire day Thursday, when I get home, I am def writing more. I use your books for inspiration. Check out Testing Faith when it comes out!

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