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Book signing this weekend!

The Brooklyn Trio got into Rochester on Tuesday night and crashed. There have been lots of appointments at Mayo and, for the first time, a doctor who listened. Dr. H has an idea of what could be causing K's pain and though we won't know for a while, there need to be more tests, etc., we're all happy that there is finally the tiniest bit of hope and something to go on. I don't want to share too much of K's personal stuff, but I wanted to thank you all for the love and support. I promise to keep you updated with how she's feeling and if this doctor's guess turns out to be correct.

I'm writing a piece that's due soon and using the hotel's color printer like CRAZY. Been printing tons of Facebook pics that I've wanted to have. Now, I'll have things to frame at home.

I'm probably going to head over to the downtown Rochester Barnes & Noble to sign stock like I did last time. How can I NOT visit that castle-like B&N?

I'm also superpumped about my signing on Sunday. Again, the details:

Sunday, September 18th at 2pm
Rochester, Minnesota
Barnes & Noble at the Apache Mall (NOT the downtown location)

Come say hi! I don't want to be all alone, lol! :) I'm already superexcited that Lauren, the winner of my 15-minute phone chat from eBay, is coming. Our talk turned into half an hour because she was so supercool. Her awesome mom won the chat and the proceeds from all of my eBay auctions are going to the ASPCA.

If anyone else is interested, I'll add a Skype video chat, phone call, etc., to eBay and we'll see if we can help more animals with donations!

TGIF! What are your weekend plans?


horse_crazy said…
My plans for the weekend? Head to the stable and groom and ride my fav horse, read some Canterwood Crest, Harry Potter and horse books, and watch the season premiere of the show heartland!!!!
Connie said…
Ballet and studying Chinese. I hope Kate gets well very soon! Unfortunately, I live a long way away from Rochester, so I won't be able to participate in the signing. I don't want to say exactly where I live, but it is in the West Coast/Sierra Nevada area, so if you could go there for a signing....
Adina H. said…
AWESOME, i soooo wished i lived in Minesotta, i'm glad that kate might stop having that icky pain. My plans are basically studying, knitting, reading, and looking at lipsmacker lipgloss and wishing what flavor i want next :D
Anonymous said…
Well tomarrow I have my first horse 4-H meeting and I am suuuupppppeeerrrr excited!!!!! After I am gonna come home and go to our barn to spend some time with my paint horse, Patches. He's a handfull but I'll live:)

P.S. I hope Kate will get well soon and you will have a great turnout for the signing. I wish I could come but I live in the north east part of the US:(
Sam Newman :) said…
studying Latin, homework, relax, maybe ride, relax, homework, and then more Latin.
Anonymous said…
Have a great weekend, hope you have a good turnout at B&N.Kate is so going to beat her pain!
Anonymous said…
Had a soccer game today, friends coming ovah. Going to Falcon Fest, going to a church party. It's a chill-weekend.
Lauren said…
Yup, I'm definitely going to be there. :) And I'm bringing a friend too. :)
Areille said…
Cheerleading and reading and studying for tests. Hope K is feeling well praying for her! Please come to the B&N in Cary, NC it would make me really hsppy and probably alot of other people!
Anonymous said…
Love the new videos from B&N and the reading of Initiation was awesome! Glad you are home.
Anonymous said…
I know October is your favorite month,Halloween. Hoping that all of you will be home for Halloween and that Kate will be much better.

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