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Snow White and the Huntsman trailer = cool!

Love this trailer! Can't wait for next summer. Snow White and the Huntsman looks like a very cool retelling! :) Horses, an evil queen, action, romance, KStew . . . I'm in!

The official Website.


Madelyn said…
Wow that looks scary but good. I might go see it. But i like it because it has the girl from the Twilight saga in it.
Sam Newman :) said…
I saw this on YouTube. :)

I can't WAIT to see Breaking Dawn!!!!
Adina H. said…
lolz wow thats like wow.....i might not c it just because the girl from twiliht is on it cuz twilight SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! but thats just my opionion
horse_crazy said…
Hmm, interesting. Looks like a mix of some Narnia & Camelot...but twilight?Its a no-no becuz of that actress.... :(
Adina H. said…
@horse_crazy i knoow right! Anywho jess with the canterwood crest apparel are the sizes Adult sizes or what? because i want one of the hoodies for xmas, but i dont know wat size to get so if i could get some insight on that, that would be helpful :)
Joni said…
I know- this looks pure epic-ness to me. Can't wait! Why, oh why must they tease me with these trailers...
Hunger Games has also caught my eye (the books were an awesome adventure!) War Horse is also on my "must see list". And the Sherlock-sequel. And the Pixar movie "Brave"...
Hey, it's a long list! ^.^
Jessica said…
Anonymous said…
well, this movie is very much like the movie coming in 2012 spring called "mirror, mirror" which is also a snow white retelling. "mirror, mirror" to me seems better.

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