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Update on Kate

I promised you all an update and Team Canterwood (and our friends, especially Alex, Lauren, Becca, Katherine, Bri, and Andi) have been so supportive with e-mails, Facebook messages, etc.

I don't want to put too much of Kate's personal medical history online, but this last visit at Mayo was good and bad. Good because we have a surgery scheduled. Bad because doctors still don't know how to stop/help her with the screaming pain she's in every day.

We're going back to Mayo for the third time the second week of October. Kate is going to have surgery where doctors will try to find a cause for her pain. It's extremely exciting to have this chance, but also absolutely terrifying because of the fear that they won't find anything.

So, we are both very nervous and anxious right now. Going back to the hospital is not fun. I don't know how Kate has done it so many times. She still edits Canterwood while living every day for the past year and a half with a pain that medication won't cover. Pain that makes her scream. It's heartbreaking to witness and there's a helpless feeling.

We thank you all for being there to back us--your support has brought happy tears to Kate's eyes more times than you know.

I ask you all to send good wishes into the universe for Kate on October 11th--the date of her surgery. I'll create a Facebook page as soon as I have time.

Thank you, guys. We love you all!



Connie said…
I hope Kate gets better soon, and she is so brave to go through this! I really hope her surgery shows something. I'm sure she'll ggggggbetter soon, because without her, Canterwood wouldn't exist.
Adina H. said…
awwww poor kate. I'm sure she'll be better in no time. Keep holding on kate! <3
Anonymous said…
Happy thoughts 4 now and i will also say the same thing on 10/11!!!!!!!! (which by the way is exactly 1 month and 1 day from my bday)
GOOD LUCK KATE and get well soon!! Trust me, there is an end to everything bad eventually. i promise. it sometimes takes longer than we would like, and sometimes the results aren't exactly what we envisioned them to be, but in the end, EVERYTHING works out ok. Jessica, if you read this, you and kate please keep this in mind. And making something right is tough sometimes, but you will all get through. BELIEVE IN HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
Jess, our prayers are with all of you Kate is a strong person she will do fine, she has a great support team!
Anonymous said…
If anyone can get through this beautifully, it's you, Kate.
Our thoughts will be with you as you go through these tough times and get better.
We love you!
Aly and Bella said…
Omigosh Aly is soo right. And she has the same name as me!!! Hehehehehehe I found someone else named Allyson just today check out my blog for deets
Sam N. said…
Omigoodness, you guys rock. :) <3<3<3 You and Kate are just... amazing tell her that she will always be in my prayers.

Good wishes and best of luck and love,
DancingQueen said…
OMG :( I wish you all the luck Kate! I'm positive everyone on HorseMystic is crossing their fingers for you! I wish you the best and nothing less:)
Horse_Gal said…
OMG! I hope kate gets better and the pain is nothing serious!
Anonymous said…
Omigosh im soo sorry abt kate!! I'm praying for her! God bless!!
Anonymous said…
Jessica I just wanteded to tell you that American Girl came out with a horse book called Taking The Reins. Its very similar to Take The Reins. Its really cool how the author thought that your title inspired him/her. Keep up the good work!!!:)
Anonymous said…
I really hope Kate gets better. She's this amazing person full of immense resilence and she's a fabulous personality for having good taste when it comes to Canterwood and chick-lit.

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