Monday, September 12, 2011

Away we go!

Off to Rochester, Minnesota!

Again, I'm asking for your good luck wishes, prayers, thoughts, etc., for Kate as we try to find a way to get her feeling well again.

I hope our Mayo Clinic experience is as good as it was last time.

Also, I hope to see some TC members at my signing on Sunday. :)



Aly and Bella said...

Nice. Good luck Ruby!!!! When is the book signing? Sunday the 18th? I won't be able to make it anyway cause I live nowhere near minnesota. :)

horse_crazy said...

I hope your best friend/editor Kate A. will be alright, I'm sure she will. I won't be at the book signing cuz I live in canada:) but i wish i were

Olivia said...

Yay cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck on your trip. Prayers are with you.

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