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OMG, sooo busy! A zillion things to do before leaving for Rochester tomorrow! Eeep!

If only you could see the mess that surrounds me...

Just wanted to give a quick shout out of thanks to the Rochester Post-Bulletin for the note about my signing:

(It wouldn't turn into an active link, sorry!)

If you're near the Apache Mall on Sunday, September 18th at 2pm, come see me! I'll be at Rochester's Barnes & Noble! :)



Madelyn said…
Man i wish i was there. Can you come to Cary, North Carolina sometime. Because i would really love to meet you.
Anonymous said…
Sooooooooo excited cu there!!!!:)
Anonymous said…
Update Lauren's blog pleass!!!!
Anonymous said…
Have a great trip. Best of everything!
Sam Newman :) said…
Madelyn: lol, we should all three meet up in norfolk or oxford.... i live in VA beach! :)

anywho, loving kemps landing soo far.... :) my english teacher is my fave, (duh!) and i love that i have art every day! :)

AND i actually asked my mom if she would drive me to rochester (a CRAZY-long drive, and my dads out of town) and she saiiddd........................
D: oh well... i guess i didnt expect a yes....

have fun, good wishes, good luck, and, as always, you and Kate are in my prayers. :) <3 Sam
Sam Newman :) said…
**the mm's had a NO in the center!
Anonymous said…
I hope Kate is doing very well, good luck to you both. Wish I could be at your signing, Jess. My horse Goldie, he died yesterday. :(
Adina H. said…
neato i wish i lived around there........good luck jess u should really come to Chi-town some time :)
Show Jumper said…
Wish I could. Maybe u could come to Dayton, OH and then I could. I would <3 to c u there!
Jessi said…
Every time i say zillion people tell me im over dramtaic :P Bleh. Now im not the only one! :) Anyways! Hope things calm down for ya! :)

<3 Jessi
Anonymous said…
Hope all goes well with Kate's appt.

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