Saturday, January 17, 2009

Visiting Girls Horse Club

Just a quick note! An announcement went up at Girls Horse Club about my visit. I'm so, so excited! On February 7-14, I'll be answering questions from horse crazy girls. It'll be so much fun and I'm honored that I was asked to visit. Terri Farley was a previous guest, so I'm kind of nervous. :)

I'm also just starting to organize trip pix and will get them up soon. Likely on Monday or Tuesday. Woo!

I'm in super draft mode at the moment and am doing the I-can-barely-pull-myself-away-from-the-laptop sort of thing. I just broke 30k. Yep. More coffee.

4 shout outs:

Anita said...

Good luck! We've got a lot of horse lovers in CO. If I can think of any PR ideas for you, I'll let you know.

Christina Farley said...

Oh I hope it all went well. Looking forward to the pictures!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Thanks, Anita and Christina! :)

sall gate said...

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