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It's horse picture time! :)

Since I missed blogging for a while, I thought I'd double post today.

I felt like sharing pics! I hope you can ignore my annoying look-at-me attitude and enjoy the pretty horses. ;)

The pic above is Sallie and her foal, Misty. I was sooo shocked when I got a white (technically gray) foal! Aren't her eyelashes super adorable?

This pic is from 1993 when I lived in Greenbrier, TN. I always talk about the stable behind my house and that was it. See that fence? It's electric. I shocked myself on it the FIRST day I moved in. Ow.

It wasn't Christmas without horse stuff. I wore that sweatshirt till it fell apart.

This gorgeous guy is an Arabian named Blue. He had a mysterious blue dot on his nose and no one knew how he got it. He was huge--over 16 hands high--but he was the sweetest horse at Triple Springs. I adored him.

The appaloosa is AJ! He was the first lesson horse that I rode. He knew I was green and pulled every trick he could to keep me off guard. But I loved him. Notice how my feet aren't even in stirrups? We'd run out of room to punch holes, so I had to ride like that for a few months.

If my brother sees this, he'll murder me. Ignore the cute blond boy and take a look at the bookshelf. Thoroughbred, Black Stallion and more! Plus, check out my collection of Grand Champion model horses. Jealous? ;)

Normal people don't put horses in front of their Christmas trees. My grandma got me that little tree and she was horrified to discover that I arranged my horses around it. I even put out their trophies. :)

Those are some of my favorite horse pictures! I have zillions more, but I think that gets my horse craziness across. That's why I'm rediculously excited that I have a horse book coming out! Soon! Yay!


Keri Mikulski said…
Too cute, Jessica! :) Thanks for sharing. :)
Anonymous said…
Jessica I Think You Are An Awesome Author! I have read your first 12 books and I'm waiting for you 13th to come out! :)
P.S. Your horse pics are SO cute! :)
From: Abby (13 years old)

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