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Article up on Shriners Hospital for Children Website

I wanted to give a shout out to Tammy Robbins at Shriners Hospital for Children in St. Louis. Tammy helped get this story posted on Shriners' Website. Thank you, Tammy! :)

Things are SO busy! I just got off the phone with a newspaper reporter and, for once, I didn't say anything dumb! :) That's been my trademark in many interviews, but I made it through this one without a problem. Maybe working with the media really is something that takes practice.


Keri Mikulski said…
Great story, Jessica! :) Your energy is amazing. See you tomorrow!
Thanks, Keri! I'm super excited about tomorrow! :)
Big Plain V said…
Guess you better define 'dumb'. Better yet, since you seem so busy and all, let's make it a multiple choice question.

By 'saying something dumb', you mean:

A.) You make errors of a logical/factual nature, such as thinking the outgoing vice president is named Lon Cheney, or you don't know pi to any more than three decimal places.

B.) You belittle the interviewers sense of fashion. Or perhaps their ancestry.

C.) You crack jokes that you think are funny, but the interviewer doesn't know you're joking, so you try even harder to be funny, and it becomes a trainwreck of comedy gone awry. (Happens to me all the time.)

D.) You make incoherent monkey noises that don't even remotely resemble responses to questions. (This happens to me too.)

So I typed all this so that you could easily reply by typing a single letter. Consider it a first post gift.

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