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The PR Ninja mails to schools

Yesterday, I started mailing my "Hi! I'm a local author!" packets to local elementary and middle schools. Who knew there were so many in my area?! Awesome. So, I included a postcard and letter. (Yes, I blurred stuff.) But all of the letters will go to the school librarians. It's not a hard sell type of pitch, but rather a way to let them know my book is coming out and that I'm available for talks.

Also, there's a B-I-G article about Canterwood Crest coming out in March/April (that means it'll be out in Feb) and I'm keeping it a secret for now (just want to make sure it's not yanked at the last second for whatever reason), but it's soooo exciting. I can't wait!

And, Google-stalking produced a new find! I have an article in the Florida SCBWI Newsletter for fall 2008--"Vlogging: The New "It" Thing." You can read the article (in PDF form) on page 2. Then, on page 4, there's member news and a bit about TAKE THE REINS. Yay! The newsletter is even cooler because friends Danette Haworth, Mindy Alyse Weiss and Debbie Reed Fischer all got mentions or wrote articles.


Stephanie J said…
You are so on top of this PR stuff? I'm going to recruit you for PR Ninja lessons when I get published.

Can't wait to see the B-I-G article! The suspense always kills me!
Thanks, Steph!

I will SO give you PR Ninja lessons! :)
TJ Brown said…
Wow, the pr stuff is going great!
Nice job:)
Yay for all the library stuff. I hope some of them get back to you. That would be fun. I'm excited to see what this big article is about...

curious curious

Melissa Walker said…
You are so wise! Go, Jess!
Sara Hantz said…
Hey you're going great guns.... very exciting... have you sold NZ/Australian rights??? It will be so cool to see your books over here.

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