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My visit to Simon & Schuster! Pics!

Signing TTR at Simon & Schuster in the big, but not-so-scary boardroom.

Handing a signed book to Venessa Williams from marketing. (Unfortunately for Venessa, she's a Gator (University of Florida) and I'm a Seminole (Florida State University.) We had to go to separate corners for fear of a fight.) ;)

Signing! It was sooo beyond me that someone would actually want a book that I signed. Crazy!

That's my "OMG, I'm in shock" face. I couldn't believe I was at THE S&S!

Signing away and feeling important, LOL. :)

Chatting and not signing.

Isn't the table shiny??

Chating with the famous Jessica Handelman. She designs all of the Canterwood Crest covers and I adore her!

Jess and Jess

First shot at the S&S lobby. Big thanks to the fab Alyson Heller who put my books on display!


So, obviously, I finally had time to post trip pics!! I had THE most amazing, wonderful, crazy time in New York City. On Friday, my editor, Kate Angelella, threw a meet-and-greet for me at Simon & Schuster. Yep, as if she wasn't busy enough, she took time to gather everyone together on a Friday. Amazing, huh?

Going to S&S was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had. I was such a dork that I was even excited to see EK's desk! That's where the magic happens, you know.

Everyone gathered in the boardroom (sounds like an episode of The Apprentice!) and we got to chat before Kate introduced me. I knew most everyone from phone calls or emails, but it was so wonderful to meet them in person. After my introduction, I had the chance to thank everyone for supporting Canterwood Crest. Yay, S&S team! :) They make my job easy as an author and when you know people are supporting you and your work, it elevates your drive to work even harder.

As if that wasn't enough, I also got to have lunch with Agent Alyssa and we had a blast! I hadn't seen her since the first Canterwood Crest photo shoot, so it had been a while.

I had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. They'll probably be like, "Jessica Burkhart? She's here? Again? Call security..."

All photos were taken by Editor Kate. Not one blurry shot. ;)


Alea said…
Oh my gosh, that looked like so so much fun!
Wendy Toliver said…
I'm glad you had so much fun at S&S. I got to go in Dec. --such a fun time to visit NYC for the first time!
I had a blast, Wendy. I <3 NYC. :)
Bookworm said…
Yay! I can't wait to read your book! Looks like fun. (the book and the signing, BTW. LOL)
Alyson Noel said…
Oh that is AWESOME!!! Huge Congrats!!

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