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Tick, tock.

Last night, I hit 50 pages on the Triple Fault draft. It's a start! :)

This week is just insane for me. I've been doing lots of blog interviews (thank you, all, for hosting me!) and have been lining up all of the publicity stuff that needs to be done over the next couple of weeks. Now is the time when I'm sooo glad I spent all of those hours months ago making my PR plan and compiling lists of what needed to be done in January. I think I'd be overwhelmed if I tried to start planning publicity at this late stage. And anyway, I'll learn what works and what doesn't for Take the Reins and can apply it to Chasing Blue. March 24 isn't that far away. :) I'll have to make a new countdown clock when TTR's expires. On January 27. :)

By the way, did I ever mention how much I LOVE that pub date? Two days before I turn twenty-two. That'll be quite a week! I'll be at the height of my book store stalking. You know, hanging out like a creepy person in the MG aisle and saying to anyone who walks by, "I wrote that!!" My local stores will probably take my picture and put up a poster warning the employees not to let me back inside.


Soon, I'll be annoucing the release week giveaways and details about how those will work. Yay! Fun!

Also, I'm starting to feel the need to vlog (read: gush) about my excitment over Take the Reins. But I'm afraid it might turn into a weepy Oscar-like thank you to everyone who helped with TTR. Sappy, right? Um, yeah.


Keri Mikulski said…
Congrats on hitting 50 pages! :) You are an amazing PR machine.. It's fun to watch you debut. Congrats. :)
Erica Ridley said…
Sooo close!!! I cannot wait to hear your reaction when you finally see it on the shelves!!!
Thank, K! :)

Erica, you'll sooo hear me screaming from here. LOL
Lenore said…
Strangly enough, my picture was on a poster in a library in Japan warning them not to let me in.

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