Friday, January 2, 2009

PR Ninja strikes again

On Monday, I get to slip into my PR Ninja costume! (I really should find an avatar for this...) I'm going to meet someone downtown to do a PR-related thing. Could I be any more vague, LOL?

I'll spill when it goes online. :)

(Other 2009 debut authors, does it just freak your freak (thanks, Ellen!) to see your countdown clock go down?!) I get dizzy/tingly/crazy watching my Sprout countdown clock tick.

~*~TRIPLE FAULT progress~*~

Yesterday: Um. *looks away* Well...okay. 4 pages. Distractions, distractions!
1 giant pumpkin spice-flavored coffee
20+ attempts to actually write
2:30pm was the time I gave up and vowed to start again the next day

P.S. My blog had its highest monthly hit total in December 2008 since I started blogging. Thanks so much, guys!

P.P.S. Want to win a signed copy of TAKE THE REINS? Check yesterday's post for details.

4 shout outs:

TJ Brown said...

It's going to be a great year for you Jessica!

Jessica Burkhart said...

Thanks, Teri! I'm *so* excited! :)

Keri Mikulski said...

Happy New Year, Jessica! What an exciting year for you. :)

Stephanie J said...

Aren't major blog hit months exciting?

I need to stop by the library this weekend...I'll be mentioning the CC series and making sure they're very aware that they can add it to their collection!

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