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I'm back!

So, a girl goes away to NYC for a few days (details to come) and comes back to lots of link love! :) My poor blog has never felt so abandoned, but that'll change...

Harmony at Harmony Book Reviews posted a review for Take the Reins! Thank you sooo much, girl! :) Read it here.

Agent Sistah Sarah MacLean interviewed me on her blog. Check it out! Thank you, Sarah! :)

Arya on LiveJournal also interviewed me. It was so much fun and thanks for hosting me, Arya.

Simon & Schuster revamped their Website. It's sooo awesome. Authors have their own portals with special S&S blog entries, exclusive Q&As, my life in eight words, videos and more. One of my fave questions--"Who is your favorite fictional villian?" My answer will probably surprise you. My page is up and you can see it here.


Alyson Noel said…
Welcome back and congrats on the great review!!!
Melissa Walker said…
Dude, you better tell me next time you're here!!
Thanks, Alyson!

Melissa, I know!! I walked around Brooklyn and thought, "OMG, Melissa's around here somewhere." When I come back, we're going out. :)
Stephanie J said…
Glad you're back! I was wondering...

I'm excited about this countdown. :)

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