Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tallahassee Democrat article about Canterwood Crest

The Tallahassee Democrat ran an article in yesterday's paper. Want to see it online? View it here! I love the title, too, "Rider-turned-writer is in winner's circle." Very sweet.

Thanks so much to Kathleen Laufenberg. She wrote an article about me when I got the book deal back in 2007 and I'm glad she was able to write this new article. Thanks also to the Democrat for being supportive of a new author. I so appreciate it!

Thank YOU all for your congratulations yesterday!! It was a special day and I'll never forget it! :)


Anonymous said...

Really good article, Jess. Enjoy all the hoopla. And congrats on the other contracts. Guess I missed that announcement. Whoopeeee, you're a smart, busy gal.

Bookworm said...

Great article! I'm so happy for you--your book rocks! (:

Thao said...

I just found out that it's your birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JESSICA ^^ Good luck with your first book.

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