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Visit to Lake City Community College--pics! :)

Sign on the Learning Resource Center door

The crowd! Yay! :)

Dr. Charles Hall (Lake City Community College president) and his wife, Robin.

Jim Morris, the LCCC librarian who set up my visit.

The Timberwolves! Woo!

Dr. Hurner (my Freshman Comp I) prof. I referenced him in my speech and talked about how he gave me an F on my first essay at LCCC. *grins*

Magic! She came over with Debbie and George from Gentle Carousel.

This morning, I did a school visit at Richardson Middle School in Lake City, Florida. I had a fantastic time visting Dr. Summers' class and I'll be getting those photos soon. I'll share all of the details about the school visit after I get the pics.

At 10am, I appeared on LCCC's campus show--Perspectives. Thanks to Mike McKee for interviewing me on the show. I got a DVD of the show and I have a new favorite word. I said it a lot. "Absolutely." :) But I didn't say "so!"

Then, at 2pm, I signed books and made a speech in the library. It was so much fun!

Thank you to everyone at LCCC, especially:

Jim Morris
Sonja Yarborough
Charles Hall
Mike McKee
Audrey Hulen

Also, my past professors who stopped by--Harriet Poole, Larry Gunter and David Hurner--it was great to see you!

When I had a break, I met with Debbie and Jorge Garcia-Bengochea. Debbie and Jorge run an amazing organization called Gentle Carousel. The program uses mini horses for therapy to visit sick and abused children. Debbie, Jorge and Magic met me at LCCC. I took a photo with Magic for their Website and signed books for them to use in their program. You can view the info they posted about Canterwood here on their Website. Just scroll about halfway down the page. I'm
right above Joe Camp, the man behind Benji. :)


Teashop Girl said…
Congrats on the big crowd, Jessica! :)

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