Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm here

This is my hotel room for tonight. Love. It. I'm staying over in Lake City since I have to be at the college at 8:15ish tomorrow morning. I'll be doing a quick meet and greet at LCCC before heading over to Richardson Middle School to present to a pre-AP class. Then, I go back to LCCC to film their campus TV show, Perspectives. I have a couple of hours free after that and I'm hoping to meet with a director of a mini horse therapy program.

After my free period, I'm reading and signing books in the library at 2pm. Fingers crossed that all goes well! :)

If you're in Lake City, hope to see you tomorrow!

PS- That's my *third* Diet Coke of the night. Yeeaaaah.

5 shout outs:

Alea said...

That hotel room looks so comfy! Enjoy!

Bookworm said...

Aaah....that DOES look comfy, lucky you! Have fun!

Heather Harper said...

Your pink laptop looks so posh on the cream colored duvet. Lucky girl, you!

Have a great time!

Mitch Wallace said...

Cool room, and good luck with everything tomorrow!

Emma said...

That Hotal room looks awesome! Good Luck!

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