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OMG, tomorrow!! (!!)

So, I *might* be taking a 122 minute break early tomorrow morning. By early, I mean that I'm running to Blockbuster when they open to get Twilight. Or...I could grab the DVD at midnight tonight. Hmm...

There's even, ahem, a viewing checklist. I really don't think I'm in any danger of bothering my neighbors with my Twilight fan-girl screams, but you never's Edward. And he does sparkle. :D And everyone knows how I feel about The Sparkle.


Alea said…
I think I heard Target has a 3-disc version, I think i'm going to go buy it and watch my favorite scene a few times, the Baseball scene! And then some special features!
madison said…
I'll be buying the DVD for the scene of Robert Pattinson in sunglasses....
Alea, a *3* disc version?! OMG.

Madison, ahhh...the sunglasses. *waits for tomorrow*
Alyson Noel said…
My bets are on midnight.

Come on, you so know you were there-- wearing your Mrs. Cullen T-shirt!!
Alea said…
17.99 check it out!

I better go tomorrow morning lol!
Oh, Alyson. LOL. You know me too well! :) I will *try* not to go at midnight. Try.

Oooh, Alea! Thanks for the link!
Keri Mikulski said…
Just ordered it on Netflix. :)
Bookworm said…
Ahh. Love RP! I've actually never read the books, but the movie was awesome! I'll totally be seeing it a second time!

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