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What's in your wallet? Er...purse?

I was tagged by the lovely Robyn to post a pic of my purse and what's currently inside. So, let's see...

Like the purse? I love the metallic color and the rings screamed "buy me!"

Inside, we've got:

* My adorable pink cell phone. (So cute!)
* Wallet (It's new. My old one used to have a butterfly on it.)
* Clinique brush. You know, in case I get the urge to brush my hair in public. Right.
* 3 lipglosses because I'm obsessed with them.
* A digital voice recorder for notes, article ideas, etc. because my handwriting is horrible.
* Hand sanitizer spray. Apparently, there are lots of germs out there!
* Pepper spray. So don't try to take my purse.
* 3 packs of gum because I'm an addict.
* Tic Tacs. Aren't those in everyone's purses?!
* Tulip notepad. In case digital voice recorder fails.
* Handy mirror.
* Oversized sunglasses.
* My adorable new gloves. And yes, you need gloves in Florida!

So there we go! I tag any blog readers who want to participate! :)


Linda Collison said…
Cute purse!!

It seems you're a very organized person. But then to accomplish so much, you must be.
Colorado Writer said…
Cute...and it looks like exactly what I've got in mine.

I'm going to say you don't like clutter?

Me neither!
Yeah, clutter is a definite no. :)
Heather Harper said…
I'm going to play later today. How fun! :)
Erica Orloff said…
Ummm . . . my RIDICULOUS contents are over on Heather's blog. You are CLEARLY not a mom of four. Your purse is way too neat. Mine? Ridiculous!!!!


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